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1.   It was past midnight; the next thing was to find Planchet.D'Artagnan went successively into all the cabarets in which therewas a light, but could not find Planchet in any of them.At the sixth he began to reflect that the search was ratherdubious. D'Artagnan had appointed six o'clock in the morning forhis lackey, and wherever he might be, he was right.Besides, it came into the young man's mind that by remaining inthe environs of the spot on which this sad event had passed, hewould, perhaps, have some light thrown upon the mysteriousaffair. At the sixth cabaret, then, as we said, D'Artagnanstopped, asked for a bottle of wine of the best quality, andplacing himself in the darkest corner of the room, determinedthus to wait till daylight; but this time again his hopes weredisappointed, and although he listened with all his ears, heheard nothing, amid the oaths, coarse jokes, and abuse whichpassed between the laborers, servants, and carters who comprisedthe honorable society of which he formed a part, which could puthim upon the least track of her who had been stolen from him. Hewas compelled, them, after having swallowed the contents of hisbottle, to pass the time as well as to evade suspicion, to fallinto the easiest position in his corner and to sleep, whetherwell or ill. D'Artagnan, be it remembered, was only twenty yearsold, and at that age sleep has its imprescriptible rights whichit imperiously insists upon, even with the saddest hearts.Toward six o'clock D'Artagnan awoke with that uncomfortablefeeling which generally accompanies the break of day after a badnight. He was not long in making his toilet. He examinedhimself to see if advantage had been taken of his sleep, andhaving found his diamond ring on his finger, his purse in hispocket, and his pistols in his belt, he rose, paid for hisbottle, and went out to try if he could have any better luck inhis search after his lackey than he had had the night before.The first thing he perceived through the damp gray mist washonest Planchet, who, with the two horses in hand, awaited him atthe door of a little blind cabaret, before which D'Artagnan hadpassed without even a suspicion of its existence.
2.   'That is my little boy,' said Bessie directly.
3. [世界政府]世界政府是日本漫画家尾田荣一郎作品《海贼王》中的势力,拥有170以上的加盟国,是OP世界中最庞大的国际组织。其领导人是五老星,是拥有世界最高权力的人。其所属组织包括直属秘密间谍机关(CP0-CP9)、海军、王下七武海、科学部队等。···更多
4. Moadine turned to him with her slightly quizzical smile. "Because the finished product is not a private one. When they are babies, we do speak of them, at times, as `Essa's Lato,' or `Novine's Amel'; but that is merely descriptive and conversational. In the records, of course, the child stands in her own line of mothers; but in dealing with it personally it is Lato, or Amel, without dragging in its ancestors."
5.   'And you don't live at Gateshead?'
6. 救护车离开几分钟后,升旗仪式就开始了。


1. 我听她这么说,觉得她就是神仙下凡。
2. 当然,既然是专项资金,就不得挪作他用。
3. 但所有人都没慌乱,简单眼神、手势交流后,继续手术……为医生点赞
4. 对于由异常的自然现象,火灾、水灾等等引起的破坏所作的保险,和损耗的补偿及维修劳动完全不同。保险必须由剩余价值补偿,是剩余价值的一种扣除。或者,从整个社会的观点来看,必须不断地有超额生产,也就是说,生产必须按大于单纯补偿和再生产现有财富所必要的规模进行,——完全撇开人口的增长不说,——以便掌握一批生产资料,来消除偶然事件和自然力所造成的异乎寻常的破坏。
5. 当玻尔1943年到达洛斯阿拉莫斯时,他的第一个严肃问题是,“是真的够大了吗?”玻尔的意思是,这一颗炸弹大到可以结束世界大战,大到可以向人类提出挑战,从而找出一条道路超越“人造死亡”,到达一个更加开放、更加人道的世界吗?
6. The unexpected drop in 2013 came in spite of new policies--such as the city's 72- hour visa waiver for transit passengers--that were introduced in an attempt to nurture China's tourism industry.


1.   "Well, well!" said he, "you are brave young men, proud indaylight, faithful in darkness. We can find no fault with youfor watching over yourselves, when you watch so carefully overothers. Gentlemen, I have not forgotten the night in which youserved me as an escort to the Red Dovecot. If there were anydanger to be apprehended on the road I am going, I would requestyou to accompany me; but as there is none, remain where you are,finish your bottles, your game, and your letter. Adieu,gentlemen!"
2.   The chair puffed on. In the hazel copse catkins were hanging pale gold, and in sunny places the wood-anemones were wide open, as if exclaiming with the joy of life, just as good as in past days, when people could exclaim along with them. They had a faint scent of apple-blossom. Connie gathered a few for Clifford.
3.   "I?" said she, with an accent of disdain in unison with thatwhich she had remarked in the voice of the young officer, "I,sir? MY MASS? Lord de Winter, the corrupted Catholic, knowsvery well that I am not of his religion, and this is a snare hewishes to lay for me!"
4. 11月5日,姐姐与妹妹到山大路附近的这家超市购物。
5.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
6. 电话声中,温州回来的一家三口说说笑笑,一切正常。


1.   "If only you had arrived a few days sooner," he said, "you might have embarked at once. As it is you must now wait till next year, but if you care to stay with me I offer you my house, such as it is, with all my heart."
2. 源于:Turkey土耳其,火鸡原产于土耳其地区。
3. 北京雪后,从景山公园万春亭俯瞰的紫禁城雪景。
4.   "That's true," replied D'Artagnan; "I have not the uniform, but Ihave the spirit. My heart is that of a Musketeer; I feel it,monsieur, and that impels me on."
5. 我希望创业者表现出来的更多是真实,我是烧钱的模式我就说我是烧钱的,真实地表达自己,总有适合你的投资人。
6. 在过去的20年中,国际奥委会签订的转播和国际赞助的合同总价值超过120亿美元。国际奥委会向200多个国家奥委会提供资助,并向所有参赛运动员提供旅费和住宿费用。


1.   "I wrote or studied."
2.   "You are right, mother," replied the girl, and rising she dipped her hand into a vessel of water. Then sprinkling it over me she said, "If you were born dog, remain dog; but if you were born man, by virtue of this water resume your proper form." In one moment the spell was broken. The dog's shape vanished as if it had never been, and it was a man who stood before her.
3. 第一部分:核物理界又一颗巨星冉冉升起向物理界发起了挑战

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