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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "And I an the more grateful to your Eminence," replied Anne ofAustria, with a smile that proved she was not the dupe of thisingenious gallantry, "from being certain that these two studsalone have cost you as much as all the others cost his Majesty."Then saluting the king and the cardinal, the queen resumed herway to the chamber in which she had dressed, and where she was totake off her costume.
2.  A second smile, almost imperceptible, stole over the rosy lips ofthe pretty young woman.
3.  "There is something horribly mysterious under all this,Athos; this woman is one of the cardinal's spies, I am sureof that."
4.  Seeing this, the gentleman drew his sword, and sprang uponD'Artagnan; but he had too strong an adversary. In three secondsD'Artagnan had wounded him three times, exclaiming at eachthrust, "One for Athos, one for Porthos; and one for Aramis!"At the third hit the gentleman fell like a log. D'Artagnanbelieved him to be dead, or at least insensible, and went towardhim for the purpose of taking the order; but the moment heextended his hand to search for it, the wounded man, who had notdropped his sword, plunged the point into D'Artagnan's breast,crying, "One for you!"
6.  "Let us see," said Athos, assuming in advance a criticallook.


1.  "Well!" cried D'Artagnan, "tell us all about it.""Dame, that's a long job, monsieur."
2.  "I respected your father very much," said he. "What can I do forthe son? Tell me quickly; my time is not my own.""Monsieur," said D'Artagnan, "on quitting Tarbes and cominghither, it was my intention to request of you, in remembrance ofthe friendship which you have not forgotten, the uniform of aMusketeer; but after all that I have seen during the last twohours, I comprehend that such a favor is enormous, and tremblelest I should not merit it."
3.  At the end of five hundred paces, more or less, they came to a rivulet,which they forded.
4.  The question of carrying the city by assault, though oftendebated in the council of the king, had been always rejected. Inthe first place, La Rochelle appeared impregnable. Then thecardinal, whatever he said, very well knew that the horror ofbloodshed in this encounter, in which Frenchman would combatagainst Frenchman, was a retrograde movement of sixty yearsimpressed upon his policy; and the cardinal was at that periodwhat we now call a man of progress. In fact, the sack of LaRochelle, and the assassination of three of four thousandHuguenots who allowed themselves to be killed, would resemble tooclosely, in 1628, the massacre of St. Bartholomew in 1572; andthen, above all this, this extreme measure, which was not at allrepugnant to the king, good Catholic as he was, always fellbefore this argument of the besieging generals--La Rochelle isimpregnable except to famine.
5.  "You must, nevertheless, have committed a crime, since you arehere and are accused of high treason."
6.  "Is this, then, a campaign upon which we are now entering?""One of a most dangerous kind, I give you notice.""Ah! But if we do risk being killed," said Porthos, "at least Ishould like to know what for."


1.  "For me, I well know, my sweet girl," said D'Artagnan. "ButI am grateful, I swear to you."
2.  "Fortunately," said D'Artagnan, "all this will be onlynecessary till after tomorrow evening, for when once withthe army, we shall have, I hope, only men to dread.""In the meantime," said Athos, "I renounce my plan ofseclusion, and wherever you go, I will go with you. Youmust return to the Rue des Fossoyeurs; I will accompanyyou."
3.  "Yes, Count," said Milady, in her softest voice, andpressing his hand in her own, "I am happy in the love whichyour looks and your words have expressed to me every time wehave met. I also--I love you. Oh, tomorrow, tomorrow, Imust have some pledge from you which will prove that youthink of me; and that you may not forget me, take this!" andshe slipped a ring from her finger onto D'Artagnan's.D'Artagnan remembered having seen this ring on the finger ofMilady; it was a magnificent sapphire, encircled withbrilliants.
4.  "In a dungeon."
5.   "MORBLEU, monsieur!" said he, "however far I may come, it is notyou who can give me a lesson in good manners, I warn you.""Perhaps," said Athos.
6.  In the corridor he met Mme. Bonacieux, who waited for him, andwho, with the same precautions and the same good luck, conductedhim out of the Louvre.


1.  "Shall I give you the change, my officer?" said the host."No, only add two bottles of champagne, and the differencewill be for the napkins."
2.  59 WHAT TOOK PLACE AT PORTSMOUTH AUGUST 23, 1628Felton took leave of Milady as a brother about to go for a mere walktakes leave of his sister, kissing her hand.
3.  And he kissed the letter with passion, without evenvouchsafing a look at the gold which sparkled on the table.Bazin scratched at the door, and as Aramis had no longer anyreason to exclude him, he bade him come in.
4、  "Yes, that is true," said she, "and I will confess to yourMajesty that my husband--"
5、  "To return instantly to England, and to inform him as soon as theduke leaves London."




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      "Ah, you surprise me. I thought I had told you a most lamentablestory." And he looked at the young man as if he would read thebottom of his heart.

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      "This Milady, this woman, this creature, this demon, has abrother-in-law, as I think you told me, D'Artagnan?""Yes, I know him very well; and I also believe that he hasnot a very warm affection for his sister-in-law.""There is no harm in that. If he detested her, it would beall the better," replied Athos.

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       "Why so?"

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      "But who is she?"

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    {  "But, A PROPOS," resumed M. de Treville, "what has become of yourthree companions?"

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      "The fact is," hazarded D'Artagnan, timidly, "I did not see thehandkerchief fall from the pocket of Monsieur Aramis. He had hisfoot upon it, that is all; and I thought from having his footupon it the handkerchief was his."}

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      "Why, good God! you will be deceived just the same," saidAthos, who was an optimist when things were concerned, and apessimist when men were in question. "They will promiseeverything for the sake of the money, and on the road fearwill prevent them from acting. Once taken, they will bepressed; when pressed, they will confess everything. Whatthe devil! we are not children. To reach England"--Athoslowered his voice--"all France, covered with spies andcreatures of the cardinal, must be crossed. A passport forembarkation must be obtained; and the party must beacquainted with English in order to ask the way to London.Really, I think the thing very difficult."

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      "And you are very virtuous, are you not, Planchet?""Monsieur, is not that the barrel of a musket which glittersyonder? Had we not better lower our heads?"

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       Everything was in the same state. The Duke of Buckinghamand his English, masters of the Isle of Re, continued tobesiege, but without success, the citadel St. Martin and thefort of La Pree; and hostilities with La Rochelle hadcommenced, two or three days before, about a fort which theDuc d'Angouleme had caused to be constructed near the city.The Guards, under the command of M. Dessessart, took uptheir quartered at the Minimes; but, as we know, D'Artagnan,possessed with ambition to enter the Musketeers, had formedbut few friendships among his comrades, and he felt himselfisolated and given up to his own reflections.

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    {  "And you receive silver from that man?"

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      Besides, she had a thousand precautions to take, a thousandcounsels to give to her defender, in order that he mightavoid explanations with the count before witnesses. Allthis was answered by an expression of D'Artagnan's."Tomorrow," said he, "you will be avenged, or I shall bedead."