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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  She made no answer.
2.  He was thinking of a full career of vanity and wastefulness whicha young girl might indulge in, and wondering how Carrie couldcontemplate such a course when she had so little, as yet, withwhich to do.
3.  He really strolled about, thinking, and then, the weather beingcold, stepped into a hotel. He knew hotels well enough to knowthat any decent individual was welcome to a chair in the lobby.This was in the Broadway Central, which was then one of the mostimportant hotels in the city. Taking a chair here was a painfulthing to him. To think he should come to this! He had heardloungers about hotels called chairwarmers. He had called themthat himself in his day. But here he was, despite thepossibility of meeting some one who knew him, shielding himselffrom cold and the weariness of the streets in a hotel lobby.
4.  "Now, to-morrow," he thought, "I'll look around myself," and withrenewed hope he lifted his eyes from the ground.
5.  "I guess they've gone out," he said apologetically to theindividual who was hiding his red face in a loose tarpaulinraincoat.
6.  The movement of his lips aroused him. He wondered whether he hadreally spoken. The next time he noticed anything of the sort hereally did talk.


1.  "Oh, you mustn't let him know I told you."
2.  "Oh, you want to see Mr. McManus," he returned. "Sit down," andhe pointed to a chair against the neighbouring wall. He went onleisurely writing, until after a time a short, stout gentlemancame in from the street.
3.  On the stage, six of the characters had already appeared in theopening parlour scene. Drouet and Hurstwood saw at a glance thatCarrie was not among them, and went on talking in a whisper.Mrs. Morgan, Mrs. Hoagland, and the actor who had takenBamberger's part were representing the principal roles in thisscene. The professional, whose name was Patton, had little torecommend him outside of his assurance, but this at the presentmoment was most palpably needed. Mrs. Morgan, as Pearl, wasstiff with fright. Mrs. Hoagland was husky in the throat. Thewhole company was so weak-kneed that the lines were merelyspoken, and nothing more. It took all the hope and uncriticalgood-nature of the audience to keep from manifesting pity by thatunrest which is the agony of failure.
4.  It came out so flat, however, that it was a deathly thing.Drouet fidgeted. Hurstwood moved his toe the least bit.
5.  "Lots of boys out, eh?"
6.  "It's funny how anxious these women are to get on the stage."


1.  "Why, any time you like," said Carrie.
2.  "I have had such a nice time," said Carrie, when it was all overand they were coming out.
3.  "Oh," thought Carrie, "if she were to come here and see him?"
4.  In the morning he came over from the hotel and opened his mail,but there was nothing in it outside the ordinary run. For somereason he felt as if something might come that way, and wasrelieved when all the envelopes had been scanned and nothingsuspicious noticed. He began to feel the appetite that had beenwanting before he had reached the office, and decided beforegoing out to the park to meet Carrie to drop in at the GrandPacific and have a pot of coffee and some rolls. While thedanger had not lessened, it had not as yet materialised, and withhim no news was good news. If he could only get plenty of timeto think, perhaps something would turn up. Surely, surely, thisthing would not drift along to catastrophe and he not find a wayout.
5.   "Did George get off?" asked Jessica of her mother another day,thus revealing something that Hurstwood had heard nothing about.
6.  Carrie hugged herself with delight. Oh, wasn't it just fine! Atlast! The first, the long-hoped for, the delightful notice! Andthey called her clever. She could hardly restrain herself fromlaughing loudly. Had Lola seen it?


1.  "Good-morning," said Hurstwood. "You advertised, I believe, fora salesman?"
2.  "They're putting on a summer play at the Casino," she announced,after figuratively putting her ear to the ground. "Let's try andget in that."
3.  "That's So-and-so over there," was a common remark of thesegentlemen among themselves, particularly among those who had notyet reached, but hoped to do so, the dazzling height which moneyto dine here lavishly represented.
4、  "You do, eh?" the other said, almost tickled at the spectacle."Get out of here," and he shoved him again. Hurstwood had nostrength to resist.
5、  Genial egotist that he was, he went at once into a detailedaccount of his own career.




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      "Did you ever have ten thousand dollars in ready money?"

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      "Look around," she said, a thought of the need that hung outsidethis fine restaurant like a hungry dog at her heels passing intoher eyes.

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       Hurstwood obeyed. At the corner he saw the wisdom of it. Nosooner did the man perceive the intention to ignore him, than heshook his fist.

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      "Did I do so very bad?"

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    {  "Oh, yes, I am," answered Carrie. "That is, I live at ColumbiaCity. I have never been through here, though."

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      They went to see "The Mikado" one evening, an opera which washilariously popular at that time. Before going, they made offfor the Windsor dining-room, which was in Dearborn Street, aconsiderable distance from Carrie's room. It was blowing upcold, and out of her window Carrie could see the western sky,still pink with the fading light, but steely blue at the topwhere it met the darkness. A long, thin cloud of pink hung inmidair, shaped like some island in a far-off sea. Somehow theswaying of some dead branches of trees across the way broughtback the picture with which she was familiar when she looked fromtheir front window in December days at home.She paused and wrung her little hands.}

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      They had an arrangement by which he placed twelve dollars a weekin her hands, out of which to pay current expenses. He heaved alittle sigh as she said this, and drew out his purse. Again hefelt the dread of the thing. Here he was taking off, taking off,and nothing coming in.

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      "Oh, yes, I am," answered Carrie. "That is, I live at ColumbiaCity. I have never been through here, though."

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       She took the letter the next morning, and at the corner droppedit reluctantly into the letter-box, still uncertain as to whethershe should do so or not. Then she took the car and went downtown.

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    {  So she went away.

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      "Think," he said, "what I've given up. I can't go back toChicago any more. I've got to stay away and live alone now, ifyou don't come with me. You won't go back on me entirely, willyou, Carrie?"