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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Accepting the hand of the officer, she began the descent of theladder, at the foot of which the boat waited. The officerfollowed her. A large cloak was spread at the stern; the officerrequested her to sit down upon this cloak, and placed himselfbeside her.
2.  "You? Nothing!"
3.  There was a moment of cold silence, during which everyonewas affected according to his nature.
4.  "He, he!" murmured she; "can it be he?" And she remained in bed withher eyes fixed.
5.  "With Madame! You do not know her," replied the stranger."You are deceived, monsieur; I know her very well.""Ah," said Mme. Bonacieux; in a tone of reproach, "ah, monsieur,I had your promise as a soldier and your word as a gentleman. Ihoped to be able to rely upon that."
6.  "Silence, Porthos!" said Aramis.


1.  "Indeed!"
2.  "Thirty crowns."
3.  "That he may be at ease."
4.  "Give him to me. Nobody knows him. I will leave him at the place Iquit, and he will conduct you to me."
5.  Nevertheless, time passed on, and the Rochellais did notsurrender. The last spy that was taken was the bearer of aletter. This letter told Buckingham that the city was at anextremity; but instead of adding, "If your succor does not arrivewithin fifteen days, we will surrender," it added, quite simply,"If your succor comes not within fifteen days, we shall all bedead with hunger when it comes."
6.  D'Artagnan observed, on the bench nearest to the pillar againstwhich Porthos leaned, sort of ripe beauty, rather yellow andrather dry, but erect and haughty under her black hood. The eyesof Porthos were furtively cast upon this lady, and then rovedabout at large over the nave.


1.  "The devil!" cried D'Artagnan.
2.  The two men in black, who guessed D'Artagnan's meaning, darted athim a glance which might have been thought threatening; butD'Artagnan took no heed of it.
3.  "The devil!" said D'Artagnan, "you are insupportable. Ifthe letter must be written under your censure, my faith, Irenounce the task."
4.  "She is sure of it."
5.   M. Coquenard, after the luxuries of such a repast, which hecalled an excess, felt the want of a siesta. Porthos beganto hope that the thing would take place at the presentsitting, and in that same locality; but the procurator wouldlisten to nothing, he would be taken to his room, and wasnot satisfied till he was close to his chest, upon the edgeof which, for still greater precaution, he placed his feet.The procurator's wife took Porthos into an adjoining room,and they began to lay the basis of a reconciliation."You can come and dine three times a week," said Mme.Coquenard.
6.  D'Artagnan was not one of those foolhardy men who seek aridiculous death in order that it may be said of them thatthey did not retreat a single step. Besides, courage wasout of the question here; D'Artagnan had fallen into anambush.


1.  "Then that is agreed," said the king, "and that is all I had tosay to you."
2.  "To you--no, to you alone! Listen to me, rather than add to mydestruction, rather than add to my ignominy!"
3.  At thirty-five, which was then his age, he passed, with justtitle, for the handsomest gentleman and the most elegant cavalierof France or England.
4、  "I do not jest," said Athos.
5、  "And I an the more grateful to your Eminence," replied Anne ofAustria, with a smile that proved she was not the dupe of thisingenious gallantry, "from being certain that these two studsalone have cost you as much as all the others cost his Majesty."Then saluting the king and the cardinal, the queen resumed herway to the chamber in which she had dressed, and where she was totake off her costume.




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      "Ah, excuse me, then," said D'Artagnan. "You must be awarethat I was ignorant of that, madame."

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      Porthos, yielding to the pressure of the arm of the procurator'swife, as a bark yields to the rudder, arrived at the cloister St.Magloire--a little-frequented passage, enclosed with a turnstileat each end. In the daytime nobody was seen there but mendicantsdevouring their crusts, and children at play.

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       "You have understood me, then, dear Monsieur D'Artagnan"said Milady.

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      The officers were full of thanks, and took away their prey. Asthey were going down D'Artagnan laid his hand on the shoulder oftheir leader.

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    {  late."

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      "Well, we shall find their muskets, their cartridges, andtheir flasks; and instead of four musketoons and twelveballs, we shall have fifteen guns and a hundred charges tofire."}

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      "But who is she?"

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      "Pretty figures we shall cut on ponies while Aramis and Porthoscaracole on their steeds."

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       All at once the captain stopped, as if struck by a suddensuspicion. This great hatred which the young traveler manifestedso loudly for this man, who--a rather improbable thing--hadstolen his father's letter from him--was there not some perfidyconcealed under this hatred? Might not this young man be sent byhis Eminence? Might he not have come for the purpose of laying asnare for him? This pretended D'Artagnan--was he not an emissaryof the cardinal, whom the cardinal sought to introduce intoTreville's house, to place near him, to win his confidence, andafterward to ruin him as had been done in a thousand otherinstances? He fixed his eyes upon D'Artagnan even more earnestlythan before. He was moderately reassured however, by the aspectof that countenance, full of astute intelligence and affectedhumility. "I know he is a Gascon," reflected he, "but he may beone for the cardinal was well as for me. Let us try him.""My friend," said he, slowly, "I wish, as the son of an ancientfriend--for I consider this story of the lost letter perfectlytrue--I wish, I say, in order to repair the coldness you may haveremarked in my reception of you, to discover to you the secretsof our policy. The king and the cardinal are the best offriends; their apparent bickerings are only feints to deceivefools. I am not willing that a compatriot, a handsome cavalier,a brave youth, quite fit to make his way, should become the dupeof all these artifices and fall into the snare after the exampleof so many others who have been ruined by it. Be assured that Iam devoted to both these all-powerful masters, and that myearnest endeavors have no other aim than the service of the king,and also the cardinal--one of the most illustrious geniuses thatFrance has ever produced.

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      "Well, what is the matter?" asked the young lieutenant."You told me to open the door if I heard anyone cry out," saidthe soldier; "but you forgot to leave me the key. I heard youcry out, without understanding what you said. I tried to openthe door, but it was locked inside; then I called the sergeant.""And here I am," said the sergeant.