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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "That is to say, you don't believe what I have told you; isit not so?"
2.  The reader hushed herself instantly. All the ladies rose, andthere was a profound silence. As to the king, he made nodemonstration of politeness, only stopping before the queen."Madame," said he, "you are about to receive a visit from thechancellor, who will communicate certain matters to you withwhich I have charged him."
3.  "Not so; I speak frankly to you. No object affects me; and Ieven feel here, at the bottom of my heart, something which speaksfor you. But in fifteen days, as you know, or as you do notknow, this fatal campaign is to open. I shall be fearfullypreoccupied with my outfit. Then I must make a journey to see myfamily, in the lower part of Brittany, to obtain the sumnecessary for my departure."
4.  "My dear Athos, I admire you, but nevertheless we were in thewrong, after all."
5.  "No, I have left off laughing, now that you speak French.""What, those rich holsters, that velvet housing, that saddlestudded with silver-are they all for me?"
6.  It was agreed that Milady should wait for Felton till teno'clock; if he did not return by ten o'clock she was to sail.In that case, and supposing he was at liberty, he was to rejoinher in France, at the convent of the Carmelites at Bethune.


1.  "To London, gentlemen," said D'Artagnan.
2.  Ten minutes afterward she was at home. As she told the queen,she had not seen her husband since his liberation; she wasignorant of the change that had taken place in him with respectto the cardinal--a change which had since been strengthened bytwo or three visits from the Comte de Rochefort, who had becomethe best friend of Bonacieux, and had persuaded him, without muchtrouble, order in his house, the furniture of which he had foundmostly broken and his closets nearly empty--justice not being oneof the three things which King Solomon names as leaving no tracesof their passage. As to the servant, she had run away at themoment of her master's arrest. Terror had had such an effectupon the poor girl that she had never ceased walking from Paristill she reached Burgundy, her native place.
3.  "And thereby you have lied twice, monsieur, for I saw it fall.""Ah, you take it with that tone, do you, Master Gascon? Well, Iwill teach you how to behave yourself."
4.  Mme. Coquenard recognized her present, and could not atfirst comprehend this restitution; but the visit of Porthossoon enlightened her. The anger which fired the eyes of theMusketeer, in spite of his efforts to suppress it, terrifiedhis sensitive inamorata. In fact, Mousqueton had notconcealed from his master that he had met D'Artagnan andAramis, and that D'Artagnan in the yellow horse hadrecognized the Bearnese pony upon which he had come toParis, and which he had sold for three crowns.
5.  "Oh, no, poor dear man! I knew very well that he was incapableof defending me; but as he could serve us in other ways, I wishedto inform him."
6.  "Beware, D'Artagnan, beware," said Aramis. "You grow a littletoo warm, in my opinion, about the fate of Madame Bonacieux.Woman was created for our destruction, and it is from her weinherit all our miseries."


1.  "What are you looking at?" asked D'Artagnan.
2.  This event might have three causes:
3.  "Of Madame de Chevreuse?"
4.  "You, madame!" said D'Artagnan, affecting surprise; "isthat possible, my God?--good and beautiful as you are!""A mortal enemy."
5.   D'Artagnan lifted up his head.
6.  "This very night."


1.  Instead of returning directly home, D'Artagnan alighted at thedoor of M. de Treville, and ran quickly up the stairs. This timehe had decided to relate all that had passed. M. de Trevillewould doubtless give him good advice as to the whole affair.Besides, as M. de Treville saw the queen almost daily, he mightbe able to draw from her Majesty some intelligence of the pooryoung woman, whom they were doubtless making pay very dearly forher devotedness to her mistress.
2.  D'Artagnan pursued his way. He had given his word not to watchMme. Bonacieux, and if his life had depended upon the spot towhich she was going or upon the person who should accompany her,D'Artagnan would have returned home, since he had so promised.Five minutes later he was in the Rue des Fossoyeurs."Poor Athos!" said he; "he will never guess what all this means.He will have fallen asleep waiting for me, or else he will havereturned home, where he will have learned that a woman had beenthere. A woman with Athos! After all," continued D'Artagnan,"there was certainly one with Aramis. All this is very strange;and I am curious to know how it will end."
3.  He had now leisure to look to his wound. Fortunately, asD'Artagnan had thought, it was not dangerous. The point of thesword had touched a rib, and glanced along the bone. Stillfurther, his shirt had stuck to the wound, and he had lost only a few drops of blood.D'Artagnan was worn out with fatigue. A mattress was laid uponthe deck for him. He threw himself upon it, and fell asleep.On the morrow, at break of day, they were still three or fourleagues from the coast of England. The breeze had been so lightall night, they had made but little progress. At ten o'clock thevessel cast anchor in the harbor of Dover, and at half past tenD'Artagnan placed his foot on English land, crying, "Here I am atlast!"
4、  "My love for you. Speak! Command! What is to be done?""My God, my God!" murmured the young woman, "ought I to confidesuch a secret to you, monsieur? You are almost a boy.""I see that you require someone to answer for me?""I admit that would reassure me greatly."
5、  He guessed, likewise, by induction, that Porthos was taking hisrevenge for the defeat of Chantilly, when the procurator's wifehad proved so refractory with respect to her purse.Amid all this, D'Artagnan remarked also that not one countenanceresponded to the gallantries of Porthos. There were onlychimeras and illusions; but for real love, for true jealousy, isthere any reality except illusions and chimeras?




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      "He has, then, charged me to take it from you."

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      Athos made him a sign to go to D'Artagnan's residence, andbring back some clothes. Grimaud replied by another signthat be understood perfectly, and set off.

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      "A mendicant."

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    {  And Milady stretched out her arms to Mme. Bonacieux, who, convinced bywhat she had just said, saw nothing in this woman whom an instant beforeshe had believed her rival but a sincere and devoted friend."Oh, pardon me, pardon me!" cried she, sinking upon the shoulders ofMilady. "Pardon me, I love him so much!"

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      The four friends seated themselves on the ground with theirlegs crossed like Turks, or even tailors.}

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      And both, with free use of the spur, arrived at St. Omer withoutdrawing bit. At St. Omer they breathed their horses with thebridles passed under their arms for fear of accident, and ate amorsel from their hands on the stones of the street, after theydeparted again.

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      "If I should happen to be any distance from you when the carriage comesfor you--at dinner or supper, for instance?"

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       Milady smiled. "I am her best friend."

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    {  Anne of Austria stretched forth her hand, closing her eyes, andleaning with the other upon Estafania, for she felt that herstrength was about to fail her.

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      "Admirable and dogmatic!" repeated the curate, who, about asstrong as D'Artagnan with respect to Latin, carefully watched theJesuit in order to keep step with him, and repeated his wordslike an echo.