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1.   Penelope was moved still more deeply as she heard the indisputableproofs that Ulysses laid before her; and when she had again foundrelief in tears she said to him, "Stranger, I was already disposedto pity you, but henceforth you shall be honoured and made welcomein my house. It was I who gave Ulysses the clothes you speak of. Itook them out of the store room and folded them up myself, and Igave him also the gold brooch to wear as an ornament. Alas! I shallnever welcome him home again. It was by an ill fate that he ever setout for that detested city whose very name I cannot bring myselfeven to mention."
2.   Mrs. Fairfax had dropped her knitting, and, with raised eyebrows,seemed wondering what sort of talk this was.
3. Canalys数据显示,2019年全球云服务市场规模为1071亿美元,相比上一年同比增长37.6%,而亚马逊AWS增速为36%。
4. 有时遇到别人想要搭车,张琳也从不答应,因为驾驶室的一切对于她来说,都具有别样的意义,她唯恐别人不爱惜这个小家。
5. 身体才是创业的本钱,装店易是我创业以来的第一个真正进入allin状态的项目,投入的时间和精力接近极限,装店易的愿景是让装修门店更容易。
6. 其中在高级移动出行的部分,BP目前在中国将主要聚焦在电动化综合服务和车队管理服务。


1.   1. The authenticity of the prologue is questionable. It is found in one manuscript only; other manuscripts give other prologues, more plainly not Chaucer's than this; and some manuscripts have merely a colophon to the effect that "Here endeth the Franklin's Tale and beginneth the Physician's Tale without a prologue." The Tale itself is the well-known story of Virginia, with several departures from the text of Livy. Chaucer probably followed the "Romance of the Rose" and Gower's "Confessio Amantis," in both of which the story is found.
2. 我们对他们的收费标准有质疑。
3. 民孙狼等因兴兵杀县主簿,作为叛乱,县邑残破。
4.   If, then, these two varieties be variable, the most divergent of their variations will generally be preserved during the next thousand generations. And after this interval, variety a1 is supposed in the diagram to have produced variety a2, which will, owing to the principle of divergence, differ more from (A) than did variety a1. Variety m1 is supposed to have produced two varieties, namely m 2 and s2, differing from each other, and more considerably from their common parent (A). We may continue the process by similar steps for any length of time; some of the varieties, after each thousand generations, producing only a single variety, but in a more and more modified condition, some producing two or three varieties, and some failing to produce any. Thus the varieties or modified descendants, proceeding from the common parent (A), will generally go on increasing in number and diverging in character. In the diagram the process is represented up to the ten-thousandth generation, and under a condensed and simplified form up to the fourteen-thousandth generation.
5.   'Miss Trotwood!'
6. Mr. Carmichael looked at him uneasily. He knew that the worst thing the man could do for himself, for his reason and his health, was to begin to think in the particular way of this particular subject.


1. 刘女士告诉记者:他先把我儿子带到了内蒙古,我儿子还问他为什么往那边去,他说要过去接一个亲属。
2.   `A bad look, you say, my dear Darnay? Yes, but we don't know what reason there is in it. People are so unreasonable! Some of us at Tellson's are getting old, and we really can't be troubled out of the ordinary course without due occasion.'
3. 想想20年前买汽车,一个样子。
4. 海信阅读手机A5还提供了丰富的阅读内容,海信方面联合京东读书、人民阅读、看书、掌阅、咪咕阅读、QQ阅读六大阅读平台,提供了十分优质的阅读内容支持
5. 八、世界历史上的第一次世界大战
6. 另一方面,与整个验房行业专业程度提升有关。


1.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
2. Beyoncé vs. Jennifer
3. 周二公布的数据显示,去年12月,中国规模以上工业企业利润同比下降8%,是2011年末以来的最大降幅。11月数据的同比下滑幅度为4.2%。
4. 其中,70余岁祖母死亡,50余岁父亲和一名10余岁长女两人身受重伤,昏迷不醒。
5. 第二章宋朝中央集权制封建统治的加强和政权的南迁(下)
6. 康定二年(一○四一年)正月,宋朝得知元昊领夏兵向渭州进攻。韩琦到镇戎军,召募勇士一万八千人,命任福率领出击,以泾原驻泊都监桑怿(音忆yì)为先锋。钤辖朱观、泾原都监武英、行营都监王珪随同出兵作战。任福在张家堡南斩敌兵数百,与桑怿合兵于好水川。朱观、武英屯兵龙落川,相去五里。西夏兵设计北遁,诱敌深入,任福领兵猛追,人马三日不食,到六盘山下,遇西夏伏兵四出,列阵围攻。桑怿战死。任福自知中计,说:“我作大将,军败,当以死报国。”挺身决斗而死。宋兵大败。


1. 它获取了冷战以来难得的战略优势地位。
2. 2019年版第五套人民币1元硬币保持1999年版第五套人民币1元硬币外缘滚字不变,增加隐形图文特征,防伪性能明显提升,公众更易于识别真伪。
3. At first there was a period of sheer despair. The mountains towered between them and their old enemies, but also between them and escape. There was no way up or down or out--they simply had to stay there. Some were for suicide, but not the majority. They must have been a plucky lot, as a whole, and they decided to live--as long as they did live. Of course they had hope, as youth must, that something would happen to change their fate.



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      "Oh!" replied Sindbad, "do not imagine that I am so unjust as to blame you. On the contrary, I understand your situation and can pity you. Only you appear to be mistaken about me, and I wish to set you right. You doubtless imagine that I have acquired all the wealth and luxury that you see me enjoy without difficulty or danger, but this is far indeed from being the case. I have only reached this happy state after having for years suffered every possible kind of toil and danger.