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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Wait a little," he said. "You go too fast. We should certainly makeevery effort to avoid scandal in so delicate a matter."Milverton relapsed into his chair.
2.  salmon-coloured tie. His broad face and flattened nose were thrustforward, as his sullen dark eyes, with a smouldering gleam of malicein them, turned from one of us to the other.
3.  Holmes nodded and smiled.
4.  "Godfrey is an orphan, and Lord Mount-James is his nearest relative-his uncle, I believe."
5.  "No."
6.  "'How can you tell me what you know is false?' I cried. 'Your veryvoice changes as you speak. When have I ever had a secret from you?I shall enter that cottage, and I shall probe the matter to thebottom.'


1.  "So I trust, Watson, so I trust" said Holmes, gravely. "There issome deep intrigue going on round that little woman, and it is ourduty to see that no one molests her upon that last journey. I think,Watson, that we must spare time to run down together on Saturdaymorning and make sure that this curious and inclusive investigationhas no untoward ending."
2.  "Let us see whether by this purely mental analysis we can get itto a finer point. You have been in this house a year."
3.  succeeded in braving it with impunity, or in which any of itsoutrages were traced home to the perpetrators. For some yearsthe organization flourished in spite of the efforts of theUnited States government and of the better classes of thecommunity in the South. Eventually, in the year 1869, themovement rather suddenly collapsed, although there have beensporadic outbreaks of the same sort since that date.
4.  "This is my friend, Dr. Watson. He has been of most vital use tome in several of my cases, and a lucky chance has made it possible forme to bring him out and associate him with this investigation.""I am delighted to see you," said she, pressing my hand warmly. "Youwill, I am sure, forgive anything that may be wanting in ourarrangements, when you consider the blow which has come so suddenlyupon us."
5.  "I have given him notice. In a couple of weeks I shall have shakenoff his accursed slavery. A hard man, Mr. Holmes, hard to all abouthim. Those public charities are a screen to cover his privateiniquities. But his wife was his chief victim. He was brutal to her-yes, sir, brutal! How she came by her death I do not know, but I amsure that he had made her life a misery to her. She was a creatureof the tropics, a Brazilian by birth, as no doubt you know.""No, it had escaped me."
6.  Holmes clapped his hands with amusement, and then pointed a derisivefinger. "Then you do know. You have admitted it!"


1.  "James came into contact with this fellow Hayes, because the man wasa tenant of mine, and James acted as agent. The fellow was a rascalfrom the beginning, but, in some extraordinary way, James becameintimate with him. He had always a taste for low company. When Jamesdetermined to kidnap Lord Saltire, it was of this man's service thathe availed himself. You remember that I wrote to Arthur upon that lastday. Well, James opened the letter and inserted a note asking Arthurto meet him in a little wood called the Ragged Shaw, which is nearto the school. He used the Duchess's name, and in that way got the boyto come. That evening James bicycled over- I am telling you what hehas himself confessed to me- and he told Arthur, whom he met in thewood, that his mother longed to see him, that she was awaiting himon the moor, and that if he would come back into the wood atmidnight he would find a man with a horse, who would take him toher. Poor Arthur fell into the trap. He came to the appointment, andfound this fellow Hayes with a led pony. Arthur mounted, and theyset off together. It appears- though this James only heardyesterday- that they were pursued, that Hayes struck the pursuerwith his stick, and that the man died of his injuries. Hayes broughtArthur to his public-house, the Fighting Cock, where he was confinedin an upper room, under the care of Mrs. Hayes, who is a kindly woman,but entirely under the control of her brutal husband.
2.  "'Over the oak.'
3.  "Certainly, if you wish it, Mr. Holmes," said the girl inastonishment.
4.  Holmes raised his eyebrows.
5.   1904
6.  "Thank you!" said Holmes, folding up the paper and returningit to our visitor. "And now you must on no account lose anotherinstant. We cannot spare time even to discuss what you have toldme. You must get home instantly and act."


1.  "She and Mrs. King, the cook."
2.  "From his father."
3.  "That means a case, I suppose?"
4、  "`Is purely nominal.'




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      "'Until you tell me who it is that has been living in thatcottage, and who it is to whom you have given that photograph, therecan never be any confidence between us,' said I, and breaking awayfrom her I left the house. That was yesterday, Mr. Holmes, and Ihave not seen her since, nor do I know anything more about thisstrange business. It is the first shadow that has come between us, andit has so shaken me that I do not know what I should do for thebest. Suddenly this morning it occurred to me that you were the man toadvise me, so I have hurried to you now, and I place myselfunreservedly in your hands. If there is any point which I have notmade clear, pray question me about it. But, above all, tell me quicklywhat I am to do, for this misery is more than I can bear."Holmes and I had listened with the utmost interest to thisextraordinary statement, which had been delivered in the jerky, brokenfashion of a man who is under the influence of extreme emotion. Mycompanion sat silent now for some time, with his chin upon his hand,lost in thought.

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      "Your hiding-place, my dear Watson, was very faulty. You should havebeen behind the hedge, then you would have had a close view of thisinteresting person. As it is, you were some hundreds of yards away andcan tell me even less than Miss Smith. She thinks she does not knowthe man; I am convinced she does. Why, otherwise, should he be sodesperately anxious that she should not get so near him as to seehis features? You describe him as bending over the handle-bar.Concealment again, you see. You really have done remarkably badly.He returns to the house, and you want to find out who he is. Youcome to a London house agent!"

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       "Exactly. It was he. And it is this letter- this letter which maywell mean the expenditure of a thousand millions and the lives of ahundred thousand men- which has become lost in this unaccountablefashion."

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      "Well, Mr. Holmes?" said he.

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    {  "Have you had any other admirers?"

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      "That is final. Then someone came into your room and placed thepistol there in order to inculpate you."}

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      Holmes raised his pipe with a languid smile.

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      "Very fine- very fine indeed!" he said at last. "And you say youhave a set of six to correspond. What puzzles me is that I shouldnot have heard of such magnificent specimens. I only know of one inEngland to match this, and it is certainly not likely to be in themarket. Would it be indiscreet if I were to ask you, Dr. HillBarton, how you obtained this?"

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       His Lordship shook himself free with some impatience.

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    {  "Because I tidied out the wardrobe."

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      "You must understand, Dr. Watson, that the professor had nosecrets from me. If I were his son or his younger brother I couldnot have more completely enjoyed his confidence. As his secretary Ihandled every paper which came to him, and I opened and subdivided hisletters. Shortly after his return all this was changed. He told methat certain letters might come to him from London which would bemarked by a cross under the stamp. These were to be set aside forhis own eyes only. I may say that several of these did pass through myhands, that they had the E.C. mark, and were in an illiteratehandwriting. If he answered them at all the answers did not passthrough my hands nor into the letter-basket in which ourcorrespondence was collected."