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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Dantes, meanwhile, went on his way. Each step he trodoppressed his heart with fresh emotion; his first and mostindelible recollections were there; not a tree, not astreet, that he passed but seemed filled with dear andcherished memories. And thus he proceeded onwards till hearrived at the end of the Rue de Noailles, from whence afull view of the Allees de Meillan was obtained. At thisspot, so pregnant with fond and filial remembrances, hisheart beat almost to bursting, his knees tottered under him,a mist floated over his sight, and had he not clung forsupport to one of the trees, he would inevitably have fallento the ground and been crushed beneath the many vehiclescontinually passing there. Recovering himself, however, hewiped the perspiration from his brows, and stopped not againtill he found himself at the door of the house in which hisfather had lived.
2.  "Bah!" said Danglars, "a lad of his make was not born to beunhappy in love. You are laughing at him, Caderousse."
3.  "Give all the information in your power."
4.  The Carnival was to commence on the morrow; therefore Alberthad not an instant to lose in setting forth the programme ofhis hopes, expectations, and claims to notice. With thisdesign he had engaged a box in the most conspicuous part ofthe theatre, and exerted himself to set off his personalattractions by the aid of the most rich and elaboratetoilet. The box taken by Albert was in the first circle;although each of the three tiers of boxes is deemed equallyaristocratic, and is, for this reason, generally styled the"nobility's boxes," and although the box engaged for the twofriends was sufficiently capacious to contain at least adozen persons, it had cost less than would be paid at someof the French theatres for one admitting merely fouroccupants. Another motive had influenced Albert's selectionof his seat, -- who knew but that, thus advantageouslyplaced, he might not in truth attract the notice of somefair Roman, and an introduction might ensue that wouldprocure him the offer of a seat in a carriage, or a place ina princely balcony, from which he might behold the gayetiesof the Carnival? These united considerations made Albertmore lively and anxious to please than he had hitherto been.Totally disregarding the business of the stage, he leanedfrom his box and began attentively scrutinizing the beautyof each pretty woman, aided by a powerful opera-glass; but,alas, this attempt to attract notice wholly failed; not evencuriosity had been excited, and it was but too apparent thatthe lovely creatures, into whose good graces he was desirousof stealing, were all so much engrossed with themselves,their lovers, or their own thoughts, that they had not somuch as noticed him or the manipulation of his glass.
5.  "How is King Otho getting on?" asked Albert in the mostsprightly tone. Danglars cast another suspicious looktowards him without answering, and Monte Cristo turned awayto conceal the expression of pity which passed over hisfeatures, but which was gone in a moment. "We shall gotogether, shall we not?" said Albert to the count.
6.  "So little was it a dream, that I stretched my hand towardsthe bell; but when I did so, the shade disappeared; my maidthen entered with a light."


1.  "Is your time, then, expired, since I find you in a fair wayto return there?"
2.  "Yes, and to the point. Let us dispense with useless words.Who sends you?"
3.  "Yes, it is indeed he. Five millions -- a pretty sum, eh,Peppino?"
4.  "No, no; but philosophy at half-past ten at night issomewhat late; yet I have no other observation to make, forwhat you say is correct, which is more than can be said forall philosophy."
5.  "Indeed?" said M. Danglars, in the same tone in which hewould have said, "Oh, well, what do I care?"
6.  "My poor child," replied Monte Cristo, "that is merelybecause your father and myself are the only men who haveever talked to you."


1.  As Edmond paused, the black and bearded head of Caderousseappeared at the door. He was a man of twenty-five or six,and held a piece of cloth, which, being a tailor, he wasabout to make into a coat-lining.
2.  "Why bury it there if it were dead? This garden has neverbeen a cemetery."
3.  "It is not for me to say."
4.  "Ah, true; you drive Don Carlos out of Spain."
5.   "Exactly so," said the young men; "you have probably guessedright."
6.  "Yes, Ali himself, my Nubian mute, whom you saw, I think, atRome."


1.  "To whom does this island belong?"
2.  "What is it?"
3.  "Ah, Caderousse," said Andrea, "how covetous you are! Twomonths ago you were dying with hunger."
4、  "Have mercy on my child, sir," murmured Villefort.
5、  "Whatever you say, my dear count; I am at your orders."




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      As he left the room, Debray called out loudly, "Mycarriage."

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      "Not in the least."

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       "Ah, it's all over! You are come too late -- you are come tosee me die. What blows, what blood!" He fainted. Ali and hismaster conveyed the wounded man into a room. Monte Cristomotioned to Ali to undress him, and he then examined hisdreadful wounds. "My God!" he exclaimed, "thy vengeance issometimes delayed, but only that it may fall the moreeffectually." Ali looked at his master for furtherinstructions. "Bring here immediately the king's attorney,M. de Villefort, who lives in the Faubourg St. Honore. Asyou pass the lodge, wake the porter, and send him for asurgeon." Ali obeyed, leaving the abbe alone withCaderousse, who had not yet revived.

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      "There's what you want on that table," said the waiter.

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    {  "Well," observed the Englishman as if he were slow ofcomprehension.

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      "Is it more serious than going to M. Danglars?"}

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      "Reverend sir!"

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      "Yes," replied Albert, raising his voice.

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       "This treasure, which may amount to two...of Roman crowns in the most distant a...of the second opening wh...declare to belong to him alo...heir."25th April, l49"

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    {  "Ah, how strange it seems that such a young and beautifulwoman should be so avaricious."

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      "I am no longer surprised at my detention," murmured Dantes,"since my only protector is removed."