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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  He was finishing the last line when a cry behind him madehim start, and the pen fell from his hand. "Haidee," saidhe. "did you read it?"
2.  "Yes; I know that there is a secret of luxury and pain indeath, as well as in life; the only thing is to understandit."
3.  "No, merely his testamentary executor. `I once possessedfour dear and faithful friends, besides the maiden to whom Iwas betrothed' he said; `and I feel convinced they have allunfeignedly grieved over my loss. The name of one of thefour friends is Caderousse.'" The inn-keeper shivered.
4.  "No, indeed," replied Monte Cristo with a smile, "I do notarrogate to myself the right of so doing."
5.  "No," said Valentine; "who could desire my death?"
6.  "No, on my honor," said Maximilian; "but that will notaffect you. You have done your duty, and your consciencewill be at rest." Valentine fell on her knees, and pressedher almost bursting heart. "Maximilian," said she,"Maximilian, my friend, my brother on earth, my true husbandin heaven, I entreat you, do as I do, live in suffering;perhaps we may one day be united."


1.  "It was very boldly written, if disguised."
2.  "Yes."
3.  "Valentine, I have always regarded our love in the light ofsomething sacred; consequently, I have covered it with theveil of respect, and hid it in the innermost recesses of mysoul. No human being, not even my sister, is aware of itsexistence. Valentine, will you permit me to make a confidantof a friend and reveal to him the love I bear you?"
4.  "And what do you think I did? I feigned a criminal process,and employed all the most acute bloodhounds and skilfulagents in search of her. They traced her to Chalons, andthere they lost her."
5.  "On two of my shirts. I invented a preparation that makeslinen as smooth and as easy to write on as parchment."
6.  "Immediately."


1.  "Count Albert; it is the same man whom I rescued from thehands of the banditti at Rome."
2.  "What a question! Now, do you know, baron, I have a greatmind to pick a quarrel with you for asking it; as if all theworld did not know who the Countess G---- was."
3.  Villefort, as we have seen, belonged to the aristocraticparty at Marseilles, Morrel to the plebeian; the first was aroyalist, the other suspected of Bonapartism. Villefortlooked disdainfully at Morrel, and replied, --
4.  "Fernand? Why, much the same story."
5.   "And madness?"
6.  During this time, Dantes, at the opposite side of the table,had been occupied in similarly placing his most honoredguests. M. Morrel was seated at his right hand, Danglars athis left; while, at a sign from Edmond, the rest of thecompany ranged themselves as they found it most agreeable.


1.  "And you say that Dantes has gone to the Catalans?"
2.  "Yes, brigadier."
3.  "Because Fernand and Danglars, being both parvenus, bothhaving become noble, both rich, are about equal in worth,excepting that there have been certain things mentioned ofhim that were never said of me."
4、  The usual guide from the hotel having followed them, theyhad paid two conductors, nor is it possible, at Rome, toavoid this abundant supply of guides; besides the ordinarycicerone, who seizes upon you directly you set foot in yourhotel, and never quits you while you remain in the city,there is also a special cicerone belonging to each monument-- nay, almost to each part of a monument. It may,therefore, be easily imagined there is no scarcity of guidesat the Colosseum, that wonder of all ages, which Martialthus eulogizes: "Let Memphis cease to boast the barbarousmiracles of her pyramids, and the wonders of Babylon betalked of no more among us; all must bow to the superiorityof the gigantic labor of the Caesars, and the many voices ofFame spread far and wide the surpassing merits of thisincomparable monument."
5、  "Were you then permitted the use of pens, ink, and paper?"




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      "It was."

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      "But where did he find it?"

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       "Tell me, at least, who you are?"

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      "Yes; but your father died in your arms, happy, respected,rich, and full of years; his father died poor, despairing,almost doubtful of providence; and when his son sought hisgrave ten years afterwards, his tomb had disappeared, and noone could say, `There sleeps the father you so well loved.'"

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    {  "Eh, dear friend," said Caderousse, "are wills ever madewithout codicils? But you first came to breakfast, did younot? Well, sit down, and let us begin with these pilchards,and this fresh butter; which I have put on some vine-leavesto please you, wicked one. Ah, yes; you look at my room, myfour straw chairs, my images, three francs each. But what doyou expect? This is not the Hotel des Princes."

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      "And I again repeat, you shall not commit suicide."}

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      "Is it important that you should go that way?"

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      "Oh, madame," said Villefort, deeply affected, in spite ofhimself, "do not yield to those gloomy thoughts; you willlong live with us, happy, loved, and honored, and we willmake you forget" --

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       "That's true," said Dantes; "but the corridor you speak ofonly bounds one side of my cell; there are three others --do you know anything of their situation?"

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    {  "Monte Cristo although uninhabited, yet serves occasionallyas a refuge for the smugglers and pirates who come fromCorsica, Sardinia, and Africa, and if it becomes known thatwe have been there, we shall have to perform quarantine forsix days on our return to Leghorn."

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      "What?" said Morrel, "you dead?"