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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Unfortunately, the hour was badly chosen for a privateconference. The morning drum had just been beaten; everyoneshook off the drowsiness of night, and to dispel the humidmorning air, came to take a drop at the inn. Dragoons,Swiss, Guardsmen, Musketeers, light-horsemen, succeeded oneanother with a rapidity which might answer the purpose ofthe host very well, but agreed badly with the views of thefour friends. Thus they applied very curtly to thesalutations, healths, and jokes of their companions."I see how it will be," said Athos: "we shall get into somepretty quarrel or other, and we have no need of one justnow. D'Artagnan, tell us what sort of a night you have had,and we will describe ours afterward."
2.  "And how did the thing happen? Let us see, for you know, my dearCaptain, a judge must hear both sides."
3.  The troop of friends saw it gain the opposite bank; the figures weredefined like black shadows on the red-tinted horizon.Milady, during the passage had contrived to untie the cord whichfastened her feet. On coming near the bank, she jumped lightly on shoreand took to flight. But the soil was moist; on reaching the top of thebank, she slipped and fell upon her knees.
4.  "With women, perhaps; but not with men. I know something ofhim."
5.  "Yes, monsieur; and there is nothing I would not do to prove toMonsieur that I am attached to him."
6.  "Now," said Aramis, "you will please to understand,gentlemen, that Bazin alone can carry this letter to Tours.My cousin knows nobody but Bazin, and places confidence innobody but him; any other person would fail. Besides, Bazinis ambitious and learned; Bazin has read history, gentlemen,he knows that Sixtus the Fifth became Pope after having keptpigs. Well, as he means to enter the Church at the sametime as myself, he does not despair of becoming Pope in histurn, or at least a cardinal. You can understand that a manwho has such views will never allow himself to be taken, orif taken, will undergo martyrdom rather than speak.""Very well," said D'Artagnan, "I consent to Bazin with allmy heart, but grant me Planchet. Milady had him one dayturned out of doors, with sundry blows of a good stick toaccelerate his motions. Now, Planchet has an excellentmemory; and I will be bound that sooner than relinquish anypossible means of vengeance, he will allow himself to bebeaten to death. If your arrangements at Tours are yourarrangements, Aramis, those of London are mine. I request,then, that Planchet may be chosen, more particularly as hehas already been to London with me, and knows how to speakcorrectly: London, sir, if you please, and my master, Lordd'Artagnan. With that you may be satisfied he can make hisway, both going and returning."


1.  "I have given you proof of that, it seems to me.""And I am yours, body and soul!"
2.  D'Artagnan lifted up his head.
3.  "I will not promise," said Milady, "for no one has more respectfor a promise or an oath than I have; and if I make a promise Imust keep it."
4.  "Good!" said D'Artagnan to himself. "It appears that the methodI have adopted with this boy is decidedly the best. I shall useit again upon occasion."
5.  "And who told you this fine story, sire?" asked Treville,quietly.
6.  "Explain yourself, Mousqueton; your conversation is full ofinstructive things."


1.  "Explain yourself, my Lord," replied the prisoner, with majesty;"for though I hear your words, I declare I do not understandthem."
2.  "I was not deceived," said he; "here is Monsieur D'Artagnan; and you arehis friends, Messieurs Athos, Porthos, and Aramis."The persons whose names were thus pronounced looked at the stranger withastonishment. It seemed to all three that they knew him."Gentlemen," resumed the newcomer, "you are, as I am, in search of awoman who," added he, with a terrible smile, "must have passed this way,for I see a corpse."
3.  "Rue Ferou, two steps from here."
4.  "Do you remember me?" said he to the host, who advanced to greethim.
5.   "It is indeed."
6.  "You will understand, monsieur, I thought there would be stilltime, if you wish, to see Monsieur de Cavois to contradict me bysaying you were not yet gone. The falsehood would then lie at mydoor, and as I am not a gentleman, I may be allowed to lie.""Be of good heart, Planchet, you shall preserve your reputationas a veracious man. In a quarter of an hour we set off.""That's the advice I was about to give Monsieur; and where are wegoing, may I ask, without being too curious?"


1.  The newly introduced personage followed Bonacieux impatientlywith his eyes till he had gone out; and the moment the doorclosed, "They have seen each other;" said he, approaching thecardinal eagerly.
2.  "Scoundrel, infamous scoundrel!" howled Milady.
3.  D'Artagnan began now really to fear that something had happenedto Mme. Bonacieux. He clapped his hands three times--theordinary signal of lovers; but nobody replied to him, not even anecho.
4、  "PARDIEU!"
5、  "Yes, yes! You are right," cried the affrighted Mme. Bonacieux;"let us fly! Let us save ourselves."




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      One instant after, the heavy step of a marine who served assentinel was heard in the corridor--his ax in his girdle and hismusket on his shoulder.

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      The four philosophers looked at one another in a state ofbewilderment. M. de Treville never jested in matters relating todiscipline.

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       "Yes, your purveyor, Godeau--the purveyor of the

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      Felton only expressed, with regard to the duke, the feeling ofexecration which all the English had declared toward him whom theCatholics themselves called the extortioner, the pillager, thedebauchee, and whom the Puritans styled simply Satan."Oh, my God, my God!" cried Milady; "when I supplicate thee topour upon this man the chastisement which is his due, thouknowest it is not my own vengeance I pursue, but the deliveranceof a whole nation that I implore!"

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      During this time, exempt from the anxiety of its only and truechief, the royal army led a joyous life, neither provisions normoney being wanting in the camp. All the corps rivaled oneanother in audacity and gaiety. To take spies and hang them, tomake hazardous expeditions upon the dyke or the sea, to imaginewild plans, and to execute them coolly--such were the pastimeswhich made the army find these days short which were not only solong to the Rochellais, a prey to famine and anxiety, but even tothe cardinal, who blockaded them so closely.}

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      "What! by demanding my head of the cardinal?" criedD'Artagnan, pale with terror.

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      D'Artagnan drew back the bolt with precaution, and both, light asshadows, glided through the interior door into the passage,ascended the stairs as quietly as possible, and enteredD'Artagnan's chambers.

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       "As he mistrusted me, he determined to guard you himself, andsent me in his place to get Buckingham to sign the order for yourtransportation."

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    {  The blood had mounted to the head of D'Artagnan, and at thatmoment he would have drawn his sword against all the Musketeersin the kingdom as willingly as he now did against Athos, Porthos,and Aramis.

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      In five minutes they gained the land.