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1. 据公开资料显示,野蛮怪兽搏击俱乐部是四川省大众体育联合会-搏击专委会成员之一,创始人石某是该协会常务副会长。
2.   "Without reflecting that this is the only moment in whichyou can study character," said the count; "on the steps ofthe scaffold death tears off the mask that has been wornthrough life, and the real visage is disclosed. It must beallowed that Andrea was not very handsome, the hideousscoundrel! Come, dress yourselves, gentlemen, dressyourselves." Franz felt it would be ridiculous not to followhis two companions' example. He assumed his costume, andfastened on the mask that scarcely equalled the pallor ofhis own face. Their toilet finished, they descended; thecarriage awaited them at the door, filled with sweetmeatsand bouquets. They fell into the line of carriages. It isdifficult to form an idea of the perfect change that hadtaken place. Instead of the spectacle of gloomy and silentdeath, the Piazza del Popolo presented a spectacle of gayand noisy mirth and revelry. A crowd of masks flowed in fromall sides, emerging from the doors, descending from thewindows. From every street and every corner drove carriagesfilled with clowns, harlequins, dominoes, mummers,pantomimists, Transteverins, knights, and peasants,screaming, fighting, gesticulating, throwing eggs filledwith flour, confetti, nosegays, attacking, with theirsarcasms and their missiles, friends and foes, companionsand strangers, indiscriminately, and no one took offence, ordid anything but laugh. Franz and Albert were like men who,to drive away a violent sorrow, have recourse to wine, andwho, as they drink and become intoxicated, feel a thick veildrawn between the past and the present. They saw, or rathercontinued to see, the image of what they had witnessed; butlittle by little the general vertigo seized them, and theyfelt themselves obliged to take part in the noise andconfusion. A handful of confetti that came from aneighboring carriage, and which, while it covered Morcerfand his two companions with dust, pricked his neck and thatportion of his face uncovered by his mask like a hundredpins, incited him to join in the general combat, in whichall the masks around him were engaged. He rose in his turn,and seizing handfuls of confetti and sweetmeats, with whichthe carriage was filled, cast them with all the force andskill he was master of.
3.   As many as you will.
4. 他们克服了业务不熟练,完不成工作任务等困难,坚持到现在,目前已经变成了能够超额完成任务的‘老手。
5. 中世纪的学者深信古希腊理论,认为是星辰在天上的运动,创造了天堂的音乐并渗透整个宇宙。如果人类身体和灵魂的内在运动能够与星辰创造的天堂音乐达到和谐同步,就能享有身心健康。因此,人类音乐该响应的是整个宇宙的神圣旋律,而不是血肉之躯的作曲家心中的观念和奇想。最美丽的圣歌和曲调,通常都不是出自人类艺术家的天才,而是神灵降下的灵感。
6.   The servant girl hurried upstairs, convinced by the man'sstrained and emphatic manner.


1. 想一想再看
2.   "I'm going downtown, Carrie," he said, coming out. "I'm out ofsorts to-night."
3.   Then they rode away, followed by the knights and gentlemen, who begged to be permitted to escort them.
4.   Through reverence, I hope I may subdue The lightness of my nature; true, Ourcourse is but a zigzag one.
5.   The shade of a young butcher rises, like the apparition of an armed head in Macbeth. Who is this young butcher? He is the terror of the youth of Canterbury. There is a vague belief abroad, that the beef suet with which he anoints his hair gives him unnatural strength, and that he is a match for a man. He is a broad-faced, bull-necked, young butcher, with rough red cheeks, an ill conditioned mind, and an injurious tongue. His main use of this tongue, is, to disparage Doctor Strong's young gentlemen. He says, publicly, that if they want anything he'll give it 'em. He names individuals among them (myself included), whom he could undertake to settle with one hand, and the other tied behind him. He waylays the smaller boys to punch their unprotected heads, and calls challenges after me in the open streets. For these sufficient reasons I resolve to fight the butcher.


1. 原标题:武汉居委会主任:居民恨不得把你当救命稻草一个社区能分到多少核酸检测指标?有的时候一天能分到几个,有的时候整个街道一天也就几个。
2.   3. Jesus and the Samaritan woman: John iv. 13.
3. 今年11月,河北省石家庄市中级人民法院对此案二审维持原判。
4.   'The counting-house, sir?' I repeated. 'Of Murdstone and Grinby, in the wine trade,' he replied.
5. 毛泽东这句话,影响了自己很多年。


1.   "Yes; I think so, at least," said the young girlhesitatingly. "Go and see, Cocles, and if my father isthere, announce this gentleman."
2. 分享小窍门,你的短视频是否有基于location去触达,是对于医美行业非常重要的一个尝试。
3. 光明日报资料图在河南农业大学家属院39号楼的一个老房子里,举目看不到一点现代化的陈设。
4. 市文旅局做好家属抚慰和善后工作。
5. 我们是保健,不是医疗。
6. 实际上,近几年间,坊间曾多次传出柳传志即将退休的消息,引发诸多关注。


1.   Illustrations of the action of Natural Selection
2. “我从一天一万块钱变成一天十万块钱,用了三个月”毕胜说,那种感觉就像回到了2002年的百度一样,业务发展一日千里,“感觉小宇宙要爆发了。
3. 云徙给茅台的PPT里,一张中台全景图与阿里巴巴沉淀10年的中台架构颇为相似,看上去也井井有条——大中台里包裹着业务与数据两个框,框里分门别类的装着用户中心、会员中心、商品中心……PPT再往后翻,每个框和中心怎么建,说明书都写得明明白白。

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      It may well be believed that the prince felt in despair at this fresh misfortune, which obliged him to spend another year in a strange and distasteful country. Moreover, he had once more lost the Princess Badoura's talisman, which he feared he might never see again. There was nothing left for him but to hire the garden as the old man had done, and to live on in the cottage. As he could not well cultivate the garden by himself, he engaged a lad to help him, and to secure the rest of the treasure he put the remaining gold dust into fifty more jars, filling them up with olives so as to have them ready for transport.

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