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1. Lecent was with an unknown number of other youth when she was killed by a single bullet inside a home in a public-housing complex near Martin Grove Rd. and Finch Ave W.
2.   "You think this house pretty, do you not?"
3.   She would have dismissed the subject so, but I was too full of it to allow that, and insisted on telling her how it happened that I had disgraced myself, and what chain of accidental circumstances had had the theatre for its final link. It was a great relief to me to do this, and to enlarge on the obligation that I owed to Steerforth for his care of me when I was unable to take care of myself.
4. 在路上,卢瑟福告诉他的妻子说,他的事业和他的经济事务一切都安排好了。这话听起来像是遗嘱,玛丽·卢瑟福止住了他。他随后说,他的病并不严重,叫她不必担心。
5. 2016年是短视频极具资本吸引力的一年。
6.   "Indeed, madam," returned he, "you show me so many wonders that it is impossible to feel any fatigue. Let us go once more and look at the Golden Water; and I am dying to see the Talking Bird."


1.   She was tender-hearted, too; for when, as we sat round the fire after tea, an allusion was made by Mr. Peggotty over his pipe to the loss I had sustained, the tears stood in her eyes, and she looked at me so kindly across the table, that I felt quite thankful to her.
2. 该院认为,被告人崔家会作案手段极其残忍,杀人意图坚定,社会危害性极大,遂以故意杀人罪对其判处死刑,剥夺政治权利终身。
3. 当时青岛队凭借焦海龙的三分,112-111实现反超,而上海队罗汉琛边线球失误,直接将球权转换给了青岛。
4. 2. “闪光的密切:纳撒尼尔·多斯基与杰罗姆·希勒的电影”(Luminous Intimacy: The Cinema of Nathaniel Dorsky and Jerome Hiler)。赞美纽约电影节,感谢纽约电影节,举办了这样一次令人赞叹的双人回顾影展。
5.   The mender of roads looked through rather than at the low ceiling, and pointed as if he saw the gallows somewhere in the sky.
6. 2011年2月,诺基亚与微软达成全球战略同盟,共同研发WindowsPhone操作系统。


1. 原标题:巴黎两家苹果手机专卖店遭窃小偷竟是职业拳击手图源:巴黎人报海外网1月4日电两名格鲁吉亚职业拳击手在巴黎大区塞纳-圣但尼省的罗尼丛林市和伊夫林省的韦利济市接连盗窃两家苹果手机专卖店(AppleStore),当地时间2日被判处6个月缓刑。
2.   Sojourned have these merchants in that town A certain time as fell to their pleasance: And so befell, that th' excellent renown Of th' emperore's daughter, Dame Constance, Reported was, with every circumstance, Unto these Syrian merchants in such wise, From day to day, as I shall you devise* *relate
3. 今年1月,伊拉克政府军宣布,已夺回摩苏尔东部的控制权。
4. 卢瑟福成了卡文迪许实验室的新成员。
5.   `Thou still unravished bride of quietness,' he quoted. `It seems to fit flowers so much better than Greek vases.'
6. 而产品成功的概率不像是福利彩票的概率,它是可以想办法提升的。


1.   "To-day?"
2.   Mephistopheles
3.   Carrie interrupted:
4. 越往上走,技术门槛越高,利润率也逐级走高,上级可以降维打击,下级只有挨打的份。
5. 想一想再看
6.   Such was his story, but Minerva smiled and caressed him with herhand. Then she took the form of a woman, fair, stately, and wise,"He must be indeed a shifty lying fellow," said she, "who couldsurpass you in all manner of craft even though you had a god foryour antagonist. Dare-devil that you are, full of guile, unwearying indeceit, can you not drop your tricks and your instinctive falsehood,even now that you are in your own country again? We will say nomore, however, about this, for we can both of us deceive uponoccasion- you are the most accomplished counsellor and orator amongall mankind, while I for diplomacy and subtlety have no equal amongthe gods. Did you not know Jove's daughter Minerva- me, who havebeen ever with you, who kept watch over you in all your troubles,and who made the Phaeacians take so great a liking to you? And now,again, I am come here to talk things over with you, and help you tohide the treasure I made the Phaeacians give you; I want to tell youabout the troubles that await you in your own house; you have got toface them, but tell no one, neither man nor woman, that you havecome home again. Bear everything, and put up with every man'sinsolence, without a word."


1. 装店易创始人王鹏2020年,我要减重30斤,不再油腻。
2. 男子体温正常,自称家在广东,一年多前从广东出发到处穷游,检查人员核查男子身份,并对其和车辆消毒处理,上报防疫部门。
3. 免洗手消毒凝胶中含有酒精,长期反复使用,蜇伤了医生手上的皮肤。

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      "My friend," said he, "you are the first person whom I have met within this country; I salute you, therefore, and beg you to be willdisposed towards me. Protect these my goods, and myself too, for Iembrace your knees and pray to you as though you were a god. Tellme, then, and tell me truly, what land and country is this? Who areits inhabitants? Am I on an island, or is this the sea board of somecontinent?"

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      (She opens the press to put away her clothes, and perceives the casket.)How comes this lovely casket here? The press I locked, of that I'm confident.'Tis very wonderful! What's in it I can't guess; Perhaps 'twas brought by someone in distress, And left in pledge for loan my mother lent.Here by a ribbon hangs a little key! I have a mind to open it and see!Heavens! only look! what have we here! In all my days ne'er saw I such asight! Jewels! which any noble dame might wear, For some high pageantrichly dight! This chain - how would it look on me! These splendid gems,whose may they be?