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ag88环亚集团app下载【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<  "Well, that's an outrage," said Drouet. "You oughtn't to beworking for those people. Have the factory right back of thestore, don't they?"   "Did he spend the evenings here?" he asked.

    "Just as soon as I get back from my Denver trip in January we'lldo it."

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   "All right; I'm down here doing a little buying. Are you locatedhere now?"

   Hurstwood wrote her one morning, asking her to meet him inJefferson Park, Monroe Street. He did not consider it policy tocall any more, even when Drouet was at home.


    "Ah, you sucker," he heard some one say. Kicks and blows rainedon him. He seemed to be suffocating. Then two men seemed to bedragging him off and he wrestled for freedom.

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   "All right," he said.

    Chapter XL

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   "How do you know?" questioned Drouet reflectively.

    "Oh, it's not very far from here," answered Minnie. "It's inHalstead Street, right up here."

<  "Oh, come," he said, "you've been thinking it over too long.I'll tell you what you do. You say you can't wear them outthere. Why don't you rent a furnished room and leave them inthat for a week?"   On Monday she arose early and prepared to go to work. She dressedherself in a worn shirt-waist of dotted blue percale, a skirt oflight-brown serge rather faded, and a small straw hat which shehad worn all summer at Columbia City. Her shoes were old, andher necktie was in that crumpled, flattened state which time andmuch wearing impart. She made a very average looking shop-girlwith the exception of her features. These were slightly more eventhan common, and gave her a sweet, reserved, and pleasingappearance.

    "How about accidents?" said a voice. "You might get hurt."


<  Somewhat encouraged, she ventured into another large structure.It was a clothing company, and more people were in evidence--well-dressed men of forty and more, surrounded by brass railings.   "Come on, people," said Mrs. Vance, coming in smiling. "Bob,you'll have to look after Mrs. Wheeler."

    It was so with the vast railroad yards, with the crowded array ofvessels she saw at the river, and the huge factories over theway, lining the water's edge. Through the open windows she couldsee the figures of men and women in working aprons, moving busilyabout. The great streets were wall-lined mysteries to her; thevast offices, strange mazes which concerned far-off individualsof importance. She could only think of people connected withthem as counting money, dressing magnificently, and riding incarriages. What they dealt in, how they laboured, to what end itall came, she had only the vaguest conception. It was allwonderful, all vast, all far removed, and she sank in spiritinwardly and fluttered feebly at the heart as she thought ofentering any one of these mighty concerns and asking forsomething to do--something that she could do--anything.





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