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1.   "I beg that you will not touch me with your filthy hands,"remarked our prisoner as the handcuffs clattered upon his wrists."You may not be aware that I have royal blood in my veins. Havethe goodness, also, when you address me always to say `sir' and`please.'"
2. 九月,蒙军攻陷德兴府。十月,至缙山县,离中都只有一百八十里。居庸关守将闻风而逃,蒙古者别军跟着入关,前锋直达中都。
3. 弃不成号,那就直接卸载APP。
4. association
5.   The princess fell asleep, flattering herself that she had only to relate her story for the Sultan to be touched by compassion, and to restore her to the prince without delay. But a few hours were to undeceive her.
6. 有一部分投的项目,未来不一定走向资本市场,可能有20%是IPO,80%的项目也会跟LP或者是背后这些大企业投入时间、投入资源的创始人进行一些资本的合作。


1. 一方面,当私募市场估值已经过高的时候,这些“傻钱”的进入会继续抬高初创企业的估值,长期处于错失恐惧心理的投资者不愿错失机会一哄而上,营造出“处处都是下一个Facebook”的假象;另一方面,共同基金的公开性又要求企业实时公开报表,使得独角兽估值中的泡沫浮出水面。
2.   Tiburce answer'd, and saide, "Brother dear, First tell me whither I shall, and to what man?" "To whom?" quoth he, "come forth with goode cheer, I will thee lead unto the Pope Urban." "To Urban? brother mine Valerian," Quoth then Tiburce; "wilt thou me thither lead? Me thinketh that it were a wondrous deed.
3.   With these words Mr. Brocklehurst put into my hand a thinpamphlet sewn in a cover, and having rung for his carriage, hedeparted.
4. 举例计算,假设一张中信信用卡10000元账单分12期,年化利率相当于8.76%,手续费合计为876元,比小赢卡贷一年最低998元的利息费还要少122元。
5.   Every one turned towards the procureur, who, unable to bearthe universal gaze now riveted on him alone, advancedstaggering into the midst of the tribunal, with his hairdishevelled and his face indented with the mark of hisnails. The whole assembly uttered a long murmur ofastonishment. "Father," said Benedetto, "I am asked forproofs, do you wish me to give them?"
6. 有90后表示,开始注重养生,有的表示,希望像80后那样沉稳,获得成功的人生。


1.   Menelaus then greeted them saying, "Fall to, and welcome; when youhave done supper I shall ask who you are, for the lineage of suchmen as you cannot have been lost. You must be descended from a line ofsceptre-bearing kings, for poor people do not have such sons as youare."
2. 当然,法老自己几乎连手指都不用动。他不用自己收税、不用自己画蓝图,当然也不用自己拿铲子。但那些埃及人相信,唯有向活神法老和他的守护神索贝克祈祷,才能让尼罗河谷免于毁灭性的洪水和干旱灾害。他们并没有错。虽然法老和索贝克都只是想象的实体,也无法提高或降低尼罗河的水位,但如果有几百万人都相信法老和索贝克,于是合作修建水坝、挖掘运河,洪水和干旱的概率就能大幅度降低。如果与苏美尔的诸神相比(更不用说是石器时代的神灵),古埃及的神已经是真正力量强大的实体,它们能够建造城市、招募军队,还控制了数百万人、耕牛和鳄鱼的生命。
3. Sara thought a moment. She saw she had made a mistake.
4. 为了证明自己没有整容,刘晓庆也是煞费苦心。
5. 贵州贵阳,72岁老太太邓蓉蓉在贵阳家中展示她剪出的奥运冠军像。邓蓉蓉退休前是贵州省体育局体工队乒乓球教练,退休后开始学习剪纸。她耗时一年多,用巧手剪出222名奥运冠军的肖像,献礼奥运。邓刚\/东方IC 据邓蓉蓉介绍,这次创作的222名奥运冠军头。
6.   "'Oh, yes,' said he, turning to me, 'we are very much obliged toyou, Miss Hunter, for falling in with our whims so far as to cutyour hair. I assure you that it has not detracted in the tiniestiota from your appearance. We shall now see how the electric-bluedress will become you. You will find it laid out upon the bed inyour room, and if you would be so good as to put it on we shouldboth be extremely obliged.'


1.   Already, whirl'd so far away! The master then indeed I needs must play. Giveground! Squire Voland comes! Sweet folk, give ground! Here, doctor, graspme! With a single bound Let us escape this ceaseless jar; Even for me toomad these people are. Hard by there shineth something with peculiar glare,Yon brake allureth me; it is not far; Come, come along with me! we'll slip inthere.
2.   Thus did they converse, and they had only a very little time leftfor sleep, for it was soon daybreak. In the meantime Telemachus andhis crew were nearing land, so they loosed the sails, took down themast, and rowed the ship into the harbour. They cast out their mooringstones and made fast the hawsers; they then got out upon the seashore, mixed their wine, and got dinner ready. As soon as they had hadenough to eat and drink Telemachus said, "Take the ship on to thetown, but leave me here, for I want to look after the herdsmen onone of my farms. In the evening, when I have seen all I want, I willcome down to the city, and to-morrow morning in return for yourtrouble I will give you all a good dinner with meat and wine."
3.   A long list could easily be given of 'sporting plants;' by this term gardeners mean a single bud or offset, which suddenly assumes a new and sometimes very different character from that of the rest of the plant. Such buds can be propagated by grafting, &c., and sometimes by seed. These 'sports' are extremely rare under nature, but far from rare under cultivation; and in this case we see that the treatment of the parent has affected a bud or offset, and not the ovules or pollen. But it is the opinion of most physiologists that there is no essential difference between a bud and an ovule in their earliest stages of formation; so that, in fact,'sports' support my view, that variability may be largely attributed to the ovules or pollen, or to both, having been affected by the treatment of the parent prior to the act of conception. These cases anyhow show that variation is not necessarily connected, as some authors have supposed, with the act of generation.
4. 个性化的医疗服务因每个人疾病史和基因构成的不同,所以标准化治疗方案根本不适合所有人。
5.   28. Forlore: lost; german, "verloren."
6. 从附表所列资料可以看出,出土玉衣的西汉墓葬有十八座,所出玉衣为金缕的八座,银缕的二座,铜缕的二座,丝缕的一座,不知为何种缕质的五座。就玉衣片的质料而言,除玉质外,还有用琉璃片作为代用品的。出土玉衣的东汉墓葬有十六座,其中出银缕、铜缕玉衣各一套的有三座,出银缕玉衣的三座,出鎏金铜缕玉衣一座,出铜缕玉衣的七座,所出玉衣不明缕质的二座。玉片的质料有玉质的,也有石质的②。


1. 李晓强随后联系承德站派出所所长会亚君,决定通过最早的一趟经过隆化站的6029次旅客列车将冷藏的针剂从承德带回来。
2. 原标题:河北蠡县一村民羁押期间死亡当地成立调查组新京报快讯据河北保定蠡县县委宣传部消息,2019年12月14日,蠡县看守所在押人员辛某某(男,47岁)在羁押期间晕倒,经抢救无效死亡。
3.   I thought so too; and my self-esteem being wounded by the falsecharge, I answered promptly, 'I never cried for such a thing in mylife: I hate going out in the carriage. I cry because I am miserable.'

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      It is a matter most convenient (deare Ladies) that a man ought tobegin whatsoever he doth, in the great and glorious name of him, whowas the Creator of all things. Wherefore, seeing that I am the manappointed, to begin this your invention of discoursing Novelties: Iintend to begin also with one of his wonderfull workes. To the end,that this being heard, our hope may remaine on him, as the thing onelypermanent, and his name for ever to be praised by us. Now, as there isnothing more certaine, but that even as temporall things are mortalland transitory, so are they both in and out of themselves, full ofsorrow, paine, and anguish, and subjected to infinite dangers: So inthe same manner, we live mingled among them, seeming as part ofthem, and cannot (without some error) continue or defend our selves,if God by his especiall grace and favour, give us not strength andgood understanding. Which power we may not beleeve, that either itdescendeth to us, or liveth in us, by any merites of our owne; butof his onely most gracious benignity. Mooved neverthelesse andentreated by the intercessions of them, who were (as we are)mortals; and having diligently observed his commandements, are nowwith him in eternall blessednes. To whom (as to advocates andprocurators, informed by the experience of our frailty) wee are not topresent our prayers in the presence of so great a Judge; but onelyto himselfe, for the obtaining of all such things as his wisedomeknoweth to be most expedient for us. And well may we credit, thathis goodnesse is more fully enclined towards us, in his continuallbounty and liberality; then the subtilty of mortall eye, can reachinto the secret of so divine a thought: and sometimes therefore we maybe beguiled in opinion, by electing such and such as our intercessorsbefore his high Majesty, who perhaps are farre off from him, or driveninto perpetuall exile, as unworthy to appeare in so glorious apresence. For he, from whom nothing can be hidden, more regardeththe sincerity of him that prayeth, then ignorant devotion, committedto the trust of a heedlesse intercessor; and such prayers have alwaiesgracious acceptation in his sight. As manifestly will appeare, bythe Novell which I intend to relate; manifestly (I say) not as inthe judgement of God, but according to the apprehension of men.

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      'Well, but, leaving his land out of the question, do you likehim? Is he liked for himself?'

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