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1.   "This is my life, *but if* that I will fight; *unless And out at door anon I must me dight,* *betake myself Or elles I am lost, but if that I Be, like a wilde lion, fool-hardy. I wot well she will do* me slay some day *make Some neighebour and thenne *go my way;* *take to flight* For I am perilous with knife in hand, Albeit that I dare not her withstand; For she is big in armes, by my faith! That shall he find, that her misdoth or saith. <2> But let us pass away from this mattere. My lord the Monk," quoth he, "be merry of cheer, For ye shall tell a tale truely. Lo, Rochester stands here faste by. Ride forth, mine owen lord, break not our game. But by my troth I cannot tell your name; Whether shall I call you my lord Dan John, Or Dan Thomas, or elles Dan Albon? Of what house be ye, by your father's kin? I vow to God, thou hast a full fair skin; It is a gentle pasture where thou go'st; Thou art not like a penant* or a ghost. *penitent Upon my faith thou art some officer, Some worthy sexton, or some cellarer. For by my father's soul, *as to my dome,* *in my judgement* Thou art a master when thou art at home; No poore cloisterer, nor no novice, But a governor, both wily and wise, And therewithal, of brawnes* and of bones, *sinews A right well-faring person for the nonce. I pray to God give him confusion That first thee brought into religion. Thou would'st have been a treade-fowl* aright; *cock Hadst thou as greate leave, as thou hast might, To perform all thy lust in engendrure,* *generation, begettting Thou hadst begotten many a creature. Alas! why wearest thou so wide a cope? <3> God give me sorrow, but, an* I were pope, *if Not only thou, but every mighty man, Though he were shorn full high upon his pan,* <4> *crown Should have a wife; for all this world is lorn;* *undone, ruined Religion hath ta'en up all the corn Of treading, and we borel* men be shrimps: *lay Of feeble trees there come wretched imps.* *shoots <5> This maketh that our heires be so slender And feeble, that they may not well engender. This maketh that our wives will assay Religious folk, for they may better pay Of Venus' payementes than may we: God wot, no lusheburghes <6> paye ye. But be not wroth, my lord, though that I play; Full oft in game a sooth have I heard say."
2. 高应收账款和高存货使得新科电子在业务发展时要面临经营现金流紧张的风险,而实际的情况也是如此,2016-2018年间新科电子经营现金流净额分别为-1058.7万元、2459.47万元、-291.47万元。
3. 王冲的观点有很多理论依据。
4. 不仅是催缴行为略显粗暴,居民们还表示,2019年3月开始,物业公司就停止了小区内的保洁工作,而物业公司却强行上门收缴2019年全年的物业费,他们对于费用收缴是否合理,也存在疑问。
5.   "Where did you find him?"
6. 张维平供述,9个被他们拐卖的孩子,均通过梅姨介绍卖了出去。


1. “一般的人,再好吃的东西,也会吃烦吧?”23年,郁瑞芬的打拼经历都是围绕食品,最初是冰淇淋生意,1996年开始涉足炒货,那个时候还只是家庭作坊,3年之后成立了来伊份的前身——“雷芬”公司——在夫妻施永雷和郁瑞芬的名字中各取一字。
2. 烤肉宛的成品年夜饭讲究荤素搭配,宫爆虾球、烤精品牛上脑、芝麻鸭肉、干烧黄鱼等大菜之外,还配上了白灼菜心、糖熘卷果等素食,足够一家十来口人大餐一顿。
3. consistently
4.   I had been a wood-cutter for more than a year, when one day I wandered further into the forest than I had ever done before, and reached a delicious green glade, where I began to cut wood. I was hacking at the root of a tree, when I beheld an iron ring fastened to a trapdoor of the same metal. I soon cleared away the earth, and pulling up the door, found a staircase, which I hastily made up my mind to go down, carrying my hatchet with me by way of protection. When I reached the bottom I discovered that I was in a huge palace, as brilliantly lighted as any palace above ground that I had ever seen, with a long gallery supported by pillars of jasper, ornamented with capitals of gold. Down this gallery a lady came to meet me, of such beauty that I forgot everything else, and thought only of her.
5. In a moment she did.
6. 目前,可以观察到,随着更多的人有机会使用网络与智能手机,短视频、文娱、社交赛道随之兴起。


1. extend
2. 比尔·盖茨缘何如此胆大包天?美国一些分析家认为,比尔·盖茨自恃有功,因为美国软件业的发展、信息业的发展甚至整个经济的发展,都离不开微软。但是,美国司法部似乎也没有退路,这场旷日持久的官司恐怕还得长期打下去。1998年,微软发展势头受挫,美国司法部对微软所施加的反托拉斯压力日益加大,尽管微软可能拖延时日,但是,比尔·盖茨最终将不得不做出某种妥协和让步。
3. Hurricane Harvey
4. 在龙洲印染有限责任公司五分厂的门口,一位在厂里工作了十几年的老工人说。
5. 过失犯前款罪的,处三年以上七年以下有期徒刑。
6. 对于身处产能地狱的马斯克来说,自然是爱极了上海工厂的高效。


1. 整个过程历时七年,直到近日最高人民法院的最终判决,方才为此事画上句号。
2. 新榜:以往很多品牌选择地铁投放,都会侧重“北上广”这三个城市,网易云音乐为何选择杭州?网易云音乐:杭州近段时间的发展比较快,尤其是在G20峰会以后,也进入了准一线城市的行列,从城市规模、人群来说,都能满足需求爆炸性的传播需求。
3.   `I'm thirty...yes, I'm thirty!' said Michaelis, sharply and suddenly, with a curious laugh; hollow, triumphant, and bitter.
4. 如果没有中国的跨境电商平台,国外消费者可能根本都想象不到,中国的消费者早就用上了贴在笔记本电脑上用来防偷窥的滑盖贴,更别提买它了。
5. Here at last was Motherhood, and though it was not for all of them personally, it might--if the power was inherited--found here a new race.
6. ”因此,来伊份开始有意识地提高曝光度,先是2016年双十一的时候,施永雷在直播平台上出现,之后的双十二,郁瑞芬也与网红主播进行互动,并把直播现场设在了来伊份黄金地段的店铺里面。


1. 记者探访另一位主播的直播间时,她正在直播,直播结束还要和运营的工作人员来分析当天直播效果。
2. 如此的心力,换来的是客户坚定地跟随。
3. 据媒体报道,鸿茅药业日前被中国中药协会授予2018年度履行社会责任明星企业荣誉称号。

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