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1. 钛媒体观察到,门店运营利润很少在其他餐饮上市公司的财报中看到,瑞幸对其的定义简单粗暴,即产品收入-门店相关支出,不计营销费用,这在本质上更接近于毛利润的概念。
2. 另一位租客说,房东打电话提醒她后,她才得知起火并迅速撤离,逃出后第一时间给家人报了平安。
3.   Then the Caliph, convinced that the man was a thief, bade them take him away and hang him, which was done, but not before he had confessed his guilt and the place in which he had hidden Ali Cogia's money. The Caliph ordered the Cadi to learn how to deal out justice from the mouth of a child, and sent the boy home, with a purse containing a hundred pieces of gold as a mark of his favour.
4.   Whether it was the following Sunday when I saw the gentleman again, or whether there was any greater lapse of time before he reappeared, I cannot recall. I don't profess to be clear about dates. But there he was, in church, and he walked home with us afterwards. He came in, too, to look at a famous geranium we had, in the parlour-window. It did not appear to me that he took much notice of it, but before he went he asked my mother to give him a bit of the blossom. She begged him to choose it for himself, but he refused to do that - I could not understand why - so she plucked it for him, and gave it into his hand. He said he would never, never part with it any more; and I thought he must be quite a fool not to know that it would fall to pieces in a day or two.
5. 8.Russia
6.   Why let this thought your soul o'ercast? Can man do more than with nice skill,With firm and conscientious will, Practise the art transmitted from the past? Ifthou thy sire dost honour in thy youth, His lore thou gladly wilt receive; Inmanhood, dost thou spread the bounds of truth, Then may thy son a highergoal achieve.


1.   And hanged was Croesus the proude king; His royal throne might him not avail. Tragedy is none other manner thing, Nor can in singing crien nor bewail, But for that Fortune all day will assail With unware stroke the regnes* that be proud:<27> *kingdoms For when men truste her, then will she fail, And cover her bright face with a cloud.
2.   "But you say he was changed?"
3.   `But don't you?' she insisted.
4.   "Tomorrow, at midday, Treville."
5. 跟踪过程中,如果客户决定购买,您也可以继续询问其他信息,来填补客户信息。
6.   'Yes!' still feeling in his pockets, and looking over their contents: 'it's all over with poor Barkis, I am afraid. I saw a little apothecary there - surgeon, or whatever he is - who brought your worship into the world. He was mighty learned about the case, to me; but the upshot of his opinion was, that the carrier was making his last journey rather fast. - Put your hand into the breast pocket of my great-coat on the chair yonder, and I think you'll find the letter. Is it there?'


1. 受到这两方面因素的影响,特斯拉的股价下半年逐步上升
2.   "Why, upon the frontiers of Artois and of Flanders. The siegeonce over, we shall be able to make a tour in that direction.""And that will not be long, it is to be hoped," said Porthos;"for they have this morning hanged a spy who confessed that theRochellais were reduced to the leather of their shoes. Supposingthat after having eaten the leather they eat the soles, I cannotsee much that is left unless they eat one another.""Poor fools!" said Athos, emptying a glass of excellent Bordeauxwine which, without having at that period the reputation it nowenjoys, merited it no less, "poor fools! As if the Catholicreligion was not the most advantageous and the most agreeable ofall religions! All the same," resumed he, after having clickedhis tongue against his palate, "they are brave fellows! But whatthe devil are you about, Aramis?" continued Athos. "Why, you aresqueezing that letter into your pocket!"
3. 据IT桔子的数据显示,截止2017年1月,共有1390家创业公司关闭。
4. 联想记忆
5. 经与现场民警商议,身穿外卖制服的他,借取消订单的理由跟女子搭话。
6. 此外,发布会现场,北京警方还通报了两则典型案例。


1.   `Her husband's destiny,' said Madame Defarge, with her usual composure, `will take him where he is to go, and will lead him to the end that is to end him. That is all I know.'
2. 《太玄》在形式上对《周易》经的因循可用图表表示如下:④但是,扬雄制作《太玄》,除了因、循之外,更注重革、化.《太玄》虽仿《周易》,但又不同于《周易》、其事则述,其书则作⑤,强调在继承基础上的造作精神.因此,扬雄的《太玄》是
3.   "She is there," said Holmes, and he pointed to a high bookcase inthe corner of the room.
4. Three of former US president Barack Obama's tweets were among Twitter's list of 10 most retweeted this year, while none of current US President Donald Trump's tweets made the list.
5. 我们希望不仅仅用更性价比的产品解决用户对咖啡的需求,更能通过丰富的形态和仪式感的过程给他们的生活带来乐趣。
6. n. 果心,核心,要点


1. △2020年故宫雪景摄影/张林来源/@故宫博物院8点半,张林和另外几位摄影师跟着开放处同事来到太和门前。
2. 一如其他所有感受,人类的正义感也是从远古进化而来的。几百万年的进化过程形成了人类的道德,很适合处理小型狩猎采集部落中的各种社交和伦理问题。如果我和你一起去打猎,我抓到一只鹿,而你空手而归,我该与你分享猎物吗?如果你去采蘑菇,满载而归,但只是因为我比你强壮,我就可以把所有蘑菇抢走吗?如果知道你打算暗杀我,我可以先发制人,在暗夜里一刀划过你的喉咙吗?1
3. 显然,我们必须解雇Eberhard,我们对此别无选择,马斯克在播客上说。

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      After Avarice cometh Gluttony, which is express against the commandment of God. Gluttony is unmeasurable appetite to eat or to drink; or else to do in aught to the unmeasurable appetite and disordered covetousness [craving] to eat or drink. This sin corrupted all this world, as is well shewed in the sin of Adam and of Eve. Look also what saith Saint Paul of gluttony: "Many," saith he, "go, of which I have oft said to you, and now I say it weeping, that they be enemies of the cross of Christ, of which the end is death, and of which their womb [stomach] is their God and their glory;" in confusion of them that so savour [take delight in] earthly things. He that is usant [accustomed, addicted] to this sin of gluttony, he may no sin withstand, he must be in servage [bondage] of all vices, for it is the devil's hoard, [lair, lurking-place] where he hideth him in and resteth. This sin hath many species. The first is drunkenness, that is the horrible sepulture of man's reason: and therefore when a man is drunken, he hath lost his reason; and this is deadly sin. But soothly, when that a man is not wont to strong drink, and peradventure knoweth not the strength of the drink, or hath feebleness in his head, or hath travailed [laboured], through which he drinketh the more, all [although] be he suddenly caught with drink, it is no deadly sin, but venial. The second species of gluttony is, that the spirit of a man waxeth all troubled for drunkenness, and bereaveth a man the discretion of his wit. The third species of gluttony is, when a man devoureth his meat, and hath no rightful manner of eating. The fourth is, when, through the great abundance of his meat, the humours of his body be distempered. The fifth is, forgetfulness by too much drinking, for which a man sometimes forgetteth by the morrow what be did at eve. In other manner be distinct the species of gluttony, after Saint Gregory. The first is, for to eat or drink before time. The second is, when a man getteth him too delicate meat or drink. The third is, when men take too much over measure [immoderately]. The fourth is curiosity [nicety] with great intent [application, pains] to make and apparel [prepare] his meat. The fifth is, for to eat too greedily. These be the five fingers of the devil's hand, by which he draweth folk to the sin.

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      "But the cruel wretch said, 'Then I will eat all Noman's comradesbefore Noman himself, and will keep Noman for the last. This is thepresent that I will make him.'

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    "Make no excuses," said Miss Minchin, "and tell no falsehoods."

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