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1.   I was still looking at them, and also at intervals examining theteachers- none of whom precisely pleased me; for the stout one was alittle coarse, the dark one not a little fierce, the foreigner harshand grotesque, and Miss Miller, poor thing! looked purple,weather-beaten, and over-worked- when, as my eye wandered from face toface, the whole school rose simultaneously, as if moved by a commonspring.
3. 据台南市虱目鱼养殖协会理事长王文宗介绍,参加这次抗议的人中年龄最大的已超过90岁,最小的20多岁。
4. 上个月小米负责海外业务的全球副总裁HugoBarra离职了,你回头去看,2013年到2014年加盟小米的高管,流失率还是挺高的,除了HugoBarra之外,还有陈彤和张金玲。
5.   "You say that the horse was entered under the name ofVampa?"
6. 2、局部工人及其工具


1. 这是因为,2003年非典不但让阿里巴巴的电子商务业务加速推进,更让阿里巴巴获得了内部凝聚力的高度统一。
2.   Jacques Three demanded how he afterwards recognised him then?
3. 中科院心理所还在上述公告中表示:为教育和警示全所同志,按照有关规定,在所内网上对《中国科学院大学关于撤销祝卓宏博士学位的公告》公告5天。
4. 此外,由于两人都出生在马年,孙宇晨还赠予了巴菲特一匹青铜马。
5. 原标题:宜宾煤矿事故被困13人为何能生还?答案在这里据四川在线消息,12月18日7点56分,随着最后一名被困人员被救出,13名被困人员全部升井。
6.   'Well, well! who knows what may happen?' said Mr. Lloyd, as hegot up. 'The child ought to have change of air and scene,' he added,speaking to himself; 'nerves not in a good state.'


1. 392
2.   Mr. Brocklehurst hemmed.
3. 国际观是核心价值观最薄弱的一层
4.   "I wonder how the trains run?" he thought.
5. 失物招领处工作人员说。
6. 为什么华为会选择在欧洲建厂呢?东南亚、墨西哥的劳动力成本更低。


1.   "By accustoming her by degrees" --
2.   `If you please, sir.'
3. 偌大的泥土空地上看不到一辆汽车的踪迹,仅有一道道车辆碾过的轮胎痕迹,以及四处零散着一些汽车外壳碎片——这里曾在长达近一年时间里,停放着2000多辆下线停运的共享汽车。
4.   "Are you not a debtor of the King of the Ebony Island?" asked the captain.
5.   There was also a Reeve, and a Millere, A Sompnour, and a Pardoner also, A Manciple, and myself, there were no mo'.
6.   龙小琴拿着村委会的证明和杨燕的身份证,到官寨乡派出所办理落户和新身份证时,接待她的民警调出了龙小琴一家的户籍信息,发现她家原来的户籍信息被更改过。


1. Total Program Cost: $118,000
2. 展开全文在技术层面,我们打通了AIoT数据链路,接入了更丰富的智能物联网设备及平台数据,用户通过我们的产品,可以解决更多工程一线的数据采集与管理难题。
3. 联想记忆

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      In favour of this view, I may add, firstly, that C. livia, or the rock-pigeon, has been found capable of domestication in Europe and in India; and that it agrees in habits and in a great number of points of structure with all the domestic breeds. Secondly, although an English carrier or short-faced tumbler differs immensely in certain characters from the rock-pigeon, yet by comparing the several sub-breeds of these breeds, more especially those brought from distant countries, we can make an almost perfect series between the extremes of structure. Thirdly, those characters which are mainly distinctive of each breed, for instance the wattle and length of beak of the carrier, the shortness of that of the tumbler, and the number of tail-feathers in the fantail, are in each breed eminently variable; and the explanation of this fact will be obvious when we come to treat of selection. Fourthly, pigeons have been watched, and tended with the utmost care, and loved by many people. They have been domesticated for thousands of years in several quarters of the world; the earliest known record of pigeons is in the fifth Aegyptian dynasty, about 3000 B.C., as was pointed out to me by Professor Lepsius; but Mr Birch informs me that pigeons are given in a bill of fare in the previous dynasty. In the time of the Romans, as we hear from Pliny, immense prices were given for pigeons; 'nay, they are come to this pass, that they can reckon up their pedigree and race.' Pigeons were much valued by Akber Khan in India, about the year 1600; never less than 20,000 pigeons were taken with the court. 'The monarchs of Iran and Turan sent him some very rare birds;' and, continues the courtly historian, 'His Majesty by crossing the breeds, which method was never practised before, has improved them astonishingly.' About this same period the Dutch were as eager about pigeons as were the old Romans. The paramount importance of these considerations in explaining the immense amount of variation which pigeons have undergone, will be obvious when we treat of Selection. We shall then, also, see how it is that the breeds so often have a somewhat monstrous character. It is also a most favourable circumstance for the production of distinct breeds, that male and female pigeons can be easily mated for life; and thus different breeds can be kept together in the same aviary.I have discussed the probable origin of domestic pigeons at some, yet quite insufficient, length; because when I first kept pigeons and watched the several kinds, knowing well how true they bred, I felt fully as much difficulty in believing that they could ever have descended from a common parent, as any naturalist could in coming to a similar conclusion in regard to the many species of finches, or other large groups of birds, in nature. One circumstance has struck me much; namely, that all the breeders of the various domestic animals and the cultivators of plants, with whom I have ever conversed, or whose treatises I have read, are firmly convinced that the several breeds to which each has attended, are descended from so many aboriginally distinct species. Ask, as I have asked, a celebrated raiser of Hereford cattle, whether his cattle might not have descended from long horns, and he will laugh you to scorn. I have never met a pigeon, or poultry, or duck, or rabbit fancier, who was not fully convinced that each main breed was descended from a distinct species. Van Mons, in his treatise on pears and apples, shows how utterly he disbelieves that the several sorts, for instance a Ribston-pippin or Codlin-apple, could ever have proceeded from the seeds of the same tree. Innumerable other examples could be given. The explanation, I think, is simple: from long-continued study they are strongly impressed with the differences between the several races; and though they well know that each race varies slightly, for they win their prizes by selecting such slight differences, yet they ignore all general arguments, and refuse to sum up in their minds slight differences accumulated during many successive generations. May not those naturalists who, knowing far less of the laws of inheritance than does the breeder, and knowing no more than he does of the intermediate links in the long lines of descent, yet admit that many of our domestic races have descended from the same parents may they not learn a lesson of caution, when they deride the idea of species in a state of nature being lineal descendants of other species?Selection

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    十年来,每年年初我都会从上一年企业界惊现的胡说八道中评选出个中翘楚。我常常乐此不疲。今年我发现那些委婉语、拧巴话、不知所谓的表达还有赤裸裸的恶心话在水准上普遍很不给力,所以我决定2016年度“金废话奖”(Golden Flannel Awards)要从一个比较来劲的奖项——大白话奖——讲起。

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      Close by Miss Temple's bed, and half covered with its whitecurtains, there stood a little crib. I saw the outline of a form underthe clothes, but the face was hid by the hangings: the nurse I hadspoken to in the garden sat in an easy-chair asleep; an unsnuffedcandle burnt dimly on the table. Miss Temple was not to be seen: Iknew afterwards that she had been called to a delirious patient in thefever-room. I advanced; then paused by the crib side: my hand was onthe curtain, but I preferred speaking before I withdrew it. I stillrecoiled at the dread of seeing a corpse.

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