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1. convenient
2. 苹果推出了新一代iMac 电脑,1998年5月6日,旧金山
3. 单词campaign 联想记忆:
4. 报告还发现,在当地政府的努力下,北京、深圳、广州、上海等一线城市的交通拥堵状况没有恶化。
5. [':tn]
6. 最佳轿车品牌:马自达


1. Although foreign trade accounts for a greater share of the economy than ever, the United States is still more insulated than virtually every major competitor in Europe and Asia. Such everyday purchases as haircuts, dry cleaning, financial advice and eating out are virtually immune from foreign competition.
2. SplashData发布这份榜单是为了鼓励大家使用复杂的密码。摩根·斯兰还说道:“和往常一样,我们还是希望通过了解使用简单密码存在很大风险,大家能设立比较严谨的密码来保护自己,并在不同的网站上使用不同的密码。”
3. This is going to be one very interesting movie that shows the relationship between Captain America and Iron Man, who've always had trouble trusting each other.
4. movement
5. Canada, the second largest country in the world in terms of landmass, ranks No. 2 overall. It takes top spots in Quality of Life and Best Countries for Education.
6. Extreme heat blanketed Alaska and much of the western United States last year. Records were set across large areas of every inhabited continent. And the ocean surface was unusually warm virtually everywhere except near Antarctica, the scientists said, providing the energy that fueled damaging Pacific storms.


1. 12) I often find myself worrying about something 0 1 2 3 4
2. elegant
3. Apple tops the list of World's 500 Most Influential Brands for 2016, compiled by New York-based World Brand Lab and released last Monday.
4. 《雷神3:诸神黄昏》
5. China's property companies have been escalating promotional efforts and cutting prices in a bid to maintain sales volumes.
6. STEP 8: PRACTICE the method of loci or roman room, or at least pretend to


1. Scientists confirmed Monday that a skeleton found under a carpark in the English city of Leicester was that of King Richard III, in a bizarre end to a 500-year-old historical mystery.
2. It was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness…
3. "He said if he didn't get that package within the next 53 years, he would call to complain," university spokeswoman Christine Kindl told Reuters news agency.
4. 刘易斯说道:“人们不能像这样,抛弃他们的宠物。每个人都有悉心照料自己宠物的法律义务。”
5. I can well imagine that in 2016 the oil price will bounce back from its current sub $40 level. The Saudis may try to cut production, there could be more conflict in Iraq, terrorists could attack some of the prize targets such as the oil terminals at Ras Tanura and Abqaiq. Anything is possible, something is likely. But the question is how far the bounce will go.
6. ['g?l?ksi]


1. Prices at China's factory gates fell for a 34th consecutive month in December, pushed down by falling energy and commodity prices.
2. 2014年即将成为历史,各路股市专家也终于可以松一口气了。
3. 对于其他队伍而言,在球场上拥有良好判断力的德国也是一直非常出色的队伍。意大利也是世界杯上无法忽视的队伍,而拥有罗纳尔多的葡萄牙队将会是一直极具危险性的队伍。拥有众多的大将的比利时队也将成为人们口中津津乐道的黑马队伍。

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